Snatch It Back – Red Hot & Blue

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It is the band's ability to expand upon the traditional blues catalogue that was to lift them out of the local pub-and-club circuit and eventually to see them recording for a major label and touring all over. The blues, rhythm & blues, and rockin' shuffles that brought the Fabulous Thunderbirds to world prominence has elevated Snatch It Back too. Chris Rees not only plays the harp, he lives, walks and talks it. Some say he even looks like a young Kim Wilson. Chris also has a uniquely strong voice (He sounds like Freddy King with his head in between heaven and a cannon ball.), while guitarist Glyn Knight is a force blending cool vintage sounds with modern tastes.

Track Listing:
1. Snatch It Back And Hold It - 3:28   2. The Doctor - 5:24   3. Drunk Instead - 3:19   4. Big Leg Woman - 4:15   5. Knightime - 3:07   6. Ride You Pony - 4:10   7. I Stand Accused - 2:37   8. Heart Of Stone - 3:09   9. Late Night Shift - 5:00   10. Riot In Cell Block No 9 - 3:10   11. She's Hot - 3:23

Chris Rees (vocals, harmonica, saxophone) , Glyn Knight (guitar, vocals) , Paul Higgins (bass) , Dave Coats (drums)

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