Bob Pearce – Keep On Keepin’ On

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Bob Pearce began singing in local R&B bands in 1962, at the age of 16. A year later he took up the harmonica after hearing Sonny Boy Williamson's (Rice Miller) "Lonesome Cabin" in a record store, and that's where the story begins. Although the harmonica was Bob's first instrument, he found it difficult to convey the right feel and tempos to his musicians, so the move to the guitar was a natural progression. Bob's soulful voice and guitar playing clearly makes this CD worthwhile. Bob Pearce demonstrates his feel for lyrically expressing the concerns of many of his listeners. With cohesive foundations and uncompromising originality, Bob has hit a homer.

Track Listing:
1. Keep on Keepin' On - 3:08   2. Rolling & Tumbling Blues - 4:39   3. 8th Wonder of the World - 2:31   4. Mr. John's Blues - 2:22   5. The French Car & The Ford - 2:14   6. Cadillac Assembly Line - 4:45   7. Cancel My Reservation - 6:46   8. If You Can't Trust Me Baby - 2:54   9. Your Friends Is Hurtin' Too - 3:49   10. What Will Lucy Do - 2:17   11. I Wanna Take Care of You - 4:11

Bob Pearce (vocals, guitar,harmonica) , Ed Deane (guitars) , Pete Plascott (bass) , Alan Savage (drums)