Snatch It Back – Evil

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Formed in the mid-1980s, Snatch It Back have been regarded as a premier blues band for so long now that the phrase has almost become an appendix to their name. These guys are one of the truly original blues bands, avoiding the look of a glorified barroom cover band that is content to simply draw on the musical treasure chest of blues history. This album features a clutch of strong, self-penned compositions that are born of truth and nurtured by experience. Snatch It Back are a testament to the universal emotionality of the blues, and are equally at home with the R&B aspects of the music. Steam-shovel blues that is lowdown, dirty and bad-to-the-bone.

Track Listing:
1. Evil - 5:08   2. Good To See You - 4:07   3. It's My Soul - 3:11   4. Hey Hey Louise - 3:40   5. Going Down - 4:48   6. Out Of Control - 4:00   7. I Wish You Would - 2:47   8. One Step Forward - 3:17   9. Checkin' Up My Baby - 3:45   10. Boogie - 5:00   11. Don't Start Me Talking - 3:13   12. Treat Her Right - 3:05   13. Wang Dang Doodle - 5:25

Chris Rees (vocals, harmonica) , Dave Dearnely (guitar, backing vocals) , Paul Higgins (bass, vocals, backing vocals) , Robert Wilding (drums, backing vocals)

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