Pastor Donald Gay – On a Glorious Day


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Pastor Donald Gay is one of the last living links to Chicago’s golden age of gospel music, and his music are some of its last vestiges. He has a unique deep, warm, smooth, and bluesy voice. But, when expressing the agonies, struggles, and ecstasies of everyday life, he explodes with an intense piercing power. While singing praises to the lord with unshakable conviction, he extends syllables with growls and shouts out exclamations of joy. Pastor Gay is accompanied by some of Chicago’s best gospel musicians: Cliff Dubose, Richard Gibbs, and Curtis Fondren. They create a captivating, soulful, and traditional sanctified groove that can only be heard in an old-fashioned church service.

Track Listing:
1. One Day -   2. You Can’t Hurry God -   3. He’s Calling Me -   4. If It Wasn’t for the Lord -   5. I’m a Soldier -   6. I’m Going to Walk out in Jesus Name -   7. I Must Tell Jesus -   8. Thank You Lord -   9. Another Chance -   10. Jesus You Brought Me All the Way -   11. Going with Jesus All the Way -   12. Have I Given Anything Today -   13. God Will Take Care of You -   14. A conversation with Pastor Gay - 


1. –2019.08.04
Pastor Donald Gay es uno de los últimos supervivientes de la edad de oro del gospel de Chicago. Dotado de una voz cálida, visceral y profunda se revela como un storyteller de gran altura y alcance que sabe expresar con aspereza las penas, agonías, vicisitudes y miserias de la vida diaria. Aunque sus condiciones vocales le hubieran permitido sobresalir tanto en la música pop, como en el jazz o el blues, Pastor Gay ha dedicado su carrera profesional a la Prayer Center Church Of God In Christ, donde sus actuaciones y sus sermones son memorables, atrayendo a un sinnúmero de feligreses en todos los servicios pastorales. En sus inicios Gay cantaba junto a sus tres hermanas, especialmente junto a Geraldine, la cual falleció hace ya nueve años. Junto a ella el Pastor Donald Gray actuó en grandes escenarios, realizó diversas giras y estuvo grabando para la compañía discográfica The Sirens. Ahora esta misma compañía edita este espectacular álbum con catorce clásicos del gospel como “Thank You God”, “One Day” o “I Must Tell Jesus” en los que la voz del Pastor sobresale con incuestionable autoridad y un admirable respeto por el género. Donald Gay está acompañado por Cliff Dubose al piano, Richard Gibbs y Glenn Chambers al órgano, Donald “Bosie” Hambric a la guitarra, más las armonías vocales de Elsa Harris, Gregory “Juno” Gay y Jocelyn Buchanan. Demos gracias a Dios por este gran disco, ¡¡Aleluya, Aleluya!! MUY BUENO. 

Pastor Donald Gay is one of the last survivors of Chicago gospel golden age. Gifted with a warm, passionate, deep voice he shows himself as a remarkable storyteller who knows how to roughly and lively express all the daily life sorrows, agonies, fights and miseries. Although his vocal conditions would have enabled him to excel in pop music, jazz or blues, Pastor Gay has devoted his career to the Prayer Center Church Of God In Christ, where his performances and sermons are unforgettable, attracting countless parishioners to his pastoral services. At the beginning of his career Gay used to sing with his three sisters, especially with Geraldine, who unfortunately died nine years ago. With Geraldine, Pastor Donald Gay performed on big stages, did several tours and recorded for The Sirens label. Now this label releases this spectacular album with fourteen gospel classics songs like "Thank You God", "One Day" or "I Must Tell Jesus" where Pastor’s voice outstands with an undeniable authority and a total respect for the genre. Donald Gay is surrounded by Cliff Dubose on piano, Richard Gibbs and Glenn Chambers on organ, Donald "Bosie" Hambric on guitar, plus the vocal harmonies of Elsa Harris, Gregory "Juno" Gay and Jocelyn Buchanan. Let’s thank God for this great album, Hallelujah, Hallelujah! GREAT

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