Geraldine And Donald Gay – Soulful Sounds

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Track Listing:
1. This May Be the Last Time - 4:55   2. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - 3:45   3. Sing on My Singer - 4:16   4. Just Another Day - 3:57   5. You've Got to Move - 3:17   6. Tell the Angels - 6:32   7. Tell Heaven I'm Coming - 3:28   8. He'll Understand and Say Well Done - 6:06   9. There Is a Fountain - 2:37   10. Eyes Have Not Seen - 5:22   11. God Has Been Good to Me - 10:03

Geraldine Gay (piano) , Donald Gay (vocals)


1. The Black Gospel Blog - Bob Marovich - September 20, 2008
The song selection on Soulful Sounds is entirely old school, with classics such as “Eyes Have Not Seen,” “Tell The Angels,” “There is a Fountain,” and “If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again.” Pay special attention to the strutting “Sing On My Singer,” included here as a tribute to Mahalia Jackson. Donald's vocals go with Geraldine's barrelhouse piano style like bacon and eggs. … What a treat it is to hear great musicians from a legendary gospel family given The Sirens' trademark crystal clear production. It's as if you are sitting in a church, enjoying a Sunday afternoon musicale on Chicago's south side.

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