Chicago Gospel Keyboard Masters – Lift Me Up

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On August 20, 2015, The Sirens Records gathered six keyboard masters and stewards of the Chicago gospel keyboard tradition: Richard Gibbs, Elsa Harris, Bryant Jones, Lavelle Lacy, Terry Moore, and Eric Thomas. Curtis Fondren handled all of the percussion duties. Donald Gay, Bryant Jones, DeAndre Patterson, and Dorothy Robertson added vocals on this disc. “Lift Me Up” engenders a spirited Sunday church service in the studio and moves each musician to play with fervor, so that their music reaches new, unprecedented heights. At times, songs on this disc will have the listener feeling spiritual and at other times the listener will be finger snapping, hand clapping, and foot tapping. - Steven B. Dolins

Track Listing:
1. Swing Down Chariot - 2:27   2. Without God I Could Do Nothing - 3:28   3. Walk With Me Lord - 3:52   4. I Am Redeemed - 4:20   5. I’ll Say Yes to the Lord - 3:01   6. From Out of Nowhere - 3:30   7. Meet Me At The Judgement Day - 3:43   8. Pray For Me - 4:50   9. I’ll Fly Away - 3:12   10. Holy Holy Medley - 3:32   11. He’s My Everything - 3:22   12. What A Friend We Have in Jesus - 4:40   13. I’ll Overcome Someday 2:38   14. The Lord is Blessing Me - 3:54

Curtis Fondren (drums) , Donald Gay (vocals on 2, tambourine on 5,14) , Gregory Gay (tambourine on 5,14) , Richard Gibbs (piano on 2,6, organ on 2-5,13, bass on 5,14) , Elsa Harris (piano on 3,12) , Bryant Jones (piano on 9,11, organ on 12, vocals on 4) , Lavelle Lacey (piano on 8,14) , Terry Moore (piano 5,7, organ 1,7,8,14) , DeAndre Patteerson (vocals on 6,8) , Dorothy Robertson (vocals on 12) , Eric Thomas (piano on 1,4,10, organ on 6,11)


1. – January 2017 
A lo largo de los años el incansable Steven B. Dolins propietario del sello The Sirens de Chicago se ha especializado en publicar discos de pianistas y organistas tanto de blues como de gospel y jazz. En esta ocasión ha realizado un álbum recopilatorio con algunos de los mejores y más fervientes teclistas de gospel de la ciudad de Chicago y alrededores. Seis intérpretes, quizás no demasiado conocidos para el público en general, pero que gozan de una gran reputación en los ambientes religiosos y que contribuyen a dar brillo y esplendor a esté género tan cercano al Señor, al que siempre glorifican y santifican con su música. Ellos son Richard Gibbs piano, bajo y órgano, Elsa Harris piano, Bryant Jones piano, órgano y voz, Lavelle Lacy piano, Terry Moore piano y órgano y Eric Thomas piano y órgano. A ellos se les unen Curtis Fondren a la batería y los impecables vocalistas Donald Gay, Leandre Patterson y Dorothy Robertson. Todos ellos crean ese ambiente de fervor, religiosidad y pasión tan caracterÍstico de los oficios dominicales de las iglesias de la gente de color de los Estados Unidos, donde el amor, la oración y el éxtasis se unen en una intima y mística comunión llena de fe. ¡Alabado sea el Señor!. MUY BUENO.

Over the years tireless Steven B. Dolins, owner of The Sirens record label in Chicago, has specialized in publishing only piano and organ blues, gospel and jazz records. This time he has released a compilation album including some of the best and most fervent gospel keyboards players coming from Chicago and surrounding area. Six musicians, perhaps not well known to the general audiences, but who have a high reputation among religious people and daily contribute to give a bright colour to the closest to Lord popular music they always glorify and sanctify in their regular perfomings. These six musicians are Richard Gibbs piano, bass and organ, Elsa Harris piano, Bryant Jones piano, organ and voice, Lavelle Lacy piano, Terry Moore piano and organ and Eric Thomas piano and organ. You will also find Curtis Fondren on drums and the faultless singers Donald Gay, Leandre Patterson and Dorothy Robertson. All of them create the incredible atmosphere full of religious fervour and passion felt in the Sunday services in United States black people churches, where love, joy, prayers and religious ecstasy mix together in an intimate mystical combination. Praise The Lord! GREAT.