Gabby – Til Now

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Track Listing:
1. Boots - 6:39   2. Hit It - 3:30   3. Cadavers - 5:00   4. The List - 5:39   5. West Indian Politician - 7:02   6. Emmerton - 5:45   7. Gisela - 5:27   8. Debra - 4:05   9. Chicken and Ram - 6:41   10. Pow Pow - 4:10   11. Bridgetown - 5:41   12. Boo Boo Man - 4:03   13. Dr Cassandra - 4:15   14. Jack - 5:54


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5.0 out of 5 stars - Fell in love at first hearing - Pamela S. Wagner - June 30, 2012
I admit I knew little about calypso music before now, but after hearing a clip of the lovely bitter, wistful song "Emmerton" on the radio I knew I had to get a copy of Gabby's album. Then that album started out with the energetic protest song, "Boots," whose beat only a corpse would not respond to.
Well, I am not ashamed to say that I was utterly and completely captivated from the second or third measure. What a wonderful songwriter and musician. Whether he is singing from the heart or the head or even with sarcasm or tongue in cheek, Gabby is brilliant. I am not a young person by any means. It is delightful to discover new music at my age, and I can only reiterate that "Til Now" has opened up a whole world of fascination and excitement. Would that there were only another Gabby album out there...!

5.0 out of 5 stars - Great Album! - james - October 24, 2002
Gabby is undoubtedly one of the greatest, but also unfortunately perhaps one of the most overlooked, calypsonians of this era. His collection of songs spans the entire range within the soca/calypso genre - from social commentary to political satire to humor to plain "jump up soca" - Gabby has it all.
Such impressive variety is surpassed only possibly by the depth of the composition and the clarity of the rendition.
This album is fantastic. The selections adequately incorporates all of the elements alluded to above. I highly recommend this album to everyone - from the serious calypso connoisseur to the person seeking an introduction to the style, range and tempo of the calypso artform.
I only wish it had a couple more of his songs. Nevertheless, as it is, it's great!