Eric Bibb – Global Griot – 2CD

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Eric Bibb may have found the perfect formula, where his own groovy contemporary blues fuses with African roots as well as reggae and gospel. About 15 musicians of  the highest calibre, Americans, Europeans, Jamaicans and two African stars, the Malian Habib Koité and the Senegalese Solo Cissokho took part in “Global Griot”, a most unusual treat and a milestone in Eric Bibb’s outstanding career.

Track Listing:

1. Gathering Of The Tribes – 2:51   2. Wherza Money At – 4:38   3. Human River – 3:21   4. What’s He Gonna Say Today – 3:13   5. Brazos River Blues – 2:31   6. We Don’t Care – 3:29   7. Black; Brown & White – 3:13   8. Listen For The Spirit – 4:43   9. Holst Up The Banner – 3:10   10. Mami Wata / Sebastian’s Tune – 3:40   11. Send Me Your Jesus – 5:00   12. A Room For You – 2:34   13. Remember Family – 3:14

1. Race & Equality – 3:59   2. Grateful – 3:29   3. All Because – 4:21   4. Spirit Day – 5:50   5. Let God – 3:07   6. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream – 2:46   7. Picture A New World – 2:28   8. New Friends – 2:44   9. Mole In The Ground – 4:24   10. Michael, Row Da Boat Ashore – 4:15   11. Needed Time – 7:01

Eric Bibb (guitar, vocals) , … 

Pursuing a career spanning five decades, never resting on his laurels, always on the move, Eric Bibb has a full bag of stories to tell from around the world. So, here comes Global Griot, global indeed, recorded in France, Sweden, Jamaica, Ghana, Canada, the UK and the US ! If the expression “World Music” were not so problematic and much misused as a marketing tool it would suit Eric’s approach.  But don’t get it wrong: He is first and foremost a “blues brother”- an old school bluesman who finds ways to expand his domain. Along his journey he’s been fortunate enough to meet incredibly talented musicians who he regards as kindred spirits. Some of them have been reunited for this album such as Sweden’s guitar ace Staffan Astner, reggae legend Ken Boothe from Jamaica, top-drawing Americans Big Daddy Wilson, Harrison Kennedy, Michael Jerome Browne, Linda Tillery of Cultural Heritage Choir fame and two remarkable West African musicians – Malian guitarist/singer Habib Koité (who contributed so much to the success of “Brothers In Bamako”) and the Senegalese Solo Cissokho whose omnipresent kora playing is one of the beauties of this double-disc album. And let’s not forget wife Ulrika Bibb contributing celestial harmonies. This is Eric’s most collaborative work to date with all songs (besides four traditional tunes and two covers) sharing writing credits with various musicians involved in the album. The two covers were originally recorded in the ‘50’s:  Ed McCurdy’s “Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” was an anthem of the peace movement. Children were filmed singing it at the destruction of the Berlin Wall and it was covered by (among others) Simon & Garfunkel and Johnny Cash. Big Bill Broonzy’s “Black, Brown and White” was his most committed song, alas still relevant nowadays. As Eric tells us in “Hoist Up The Banner”: “I don’t think of myself as a flag waver and here I am, wavin’ this one” – because he felt he had to, confronted with the ugly rhetoric spreading like prairie fires, here and there. Always the entertainer, the educator and the motivator, Eric Bibb, more than ever, continues to resonate with what is currently happening in the world today.

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