The Mahoney Bros. Blues Band – Cruisin’ For A Bluzin’

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This recording comes out of the gate as a Blues Access "Rooster Pick". They say, "every cut is worth a listen." The band is led by Carson Gay who is a talented harmonica player and possesses a major label voice. Gay is respectful of blues basics, while his lyrics and harmonica play are fresh. His lyrics are at times humorous in cuts like "Cool Cat" and "My Baby's a Nudist". But, it's the harmonica efforts here that are causing national magazines to devote ink to this disc. Nine original cuts run the gamut of dance styles from swing and calypso to funky blues and slow, belly-rubbin' stuff. A polished and thoroughly entertaining CD. This is a record that we have enjoyed for years.

Track Listing:
1. Cool Cat - 3:31  2. Big Case of The Blues - 3:51   3. My Baby's A Nudist - 4:08   4. Grown Men Ain't Supposed To Cry - 5:53   5. Good Lookin' Woman - 3:15   6. Jack Wanna Sing The Blues - 2:35   7. I Got A Way With Women - 4:30   8. Cruisin' For A Bluzin' - 2:10   9. Walikin' To My Baby - 2:40

Carson Gay (vocals, harmonica) , Bill Collins (bass, vocals) , Ryan McSpadden (guitar) , Stan Jansen (drums)


1. Blues Access
The simple guitar, bass, drums and harp format delivered with finesse. Carson Gay’s strong vocals and harp work are complemented by the biting guitar of Ryan McSpadden. From the slow and mellow "I Got a Way With Women" ("… that’s why I’m all alone") to the cooking title track, every cut is worth a listen.