Brother Joe May – Singles, Album Tracks And Live Recordings 1949-62 – 4CD


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Brother Joe May was one of the most revered and respected of all the male gospel singers of the post-war era, acquiring the nickname of “The Thunderbolt Of The Middle West”, and with one critic describing him as “arguably the greatest male soloist in the history of gospel music, with a voice of unimaginable range and power”. Influenced by the likes of Bessie Smith and Mahalia Jackson, he himself became a significant influence on artists like Little Richard. This 84-track 4-CD collection comprises many of the A & B sides of his singles on the Specialty and Nashboro label during these years, plus titles from his Nashboro albums “The Master’s On Our Side” and Walk On And Talk On”, not otherwise featured on singles, along with live recordings from between 1952 and 1955. It features studio and ‘live’ performances with The Sallie Martin Singers, Sister Wynona Carr and The Pilgrim Travellers. It’s a substantial and reasonably comprehensive overview of the key first decade and more of his career, when he built his reputation, and is an impressive and entertaining showcase for his highly distinctive style and talents as an inspiring communicator and entertainer.

Track Listing:

CD1: Brother Joe May: 1. Search Me Lord -   2. How Much More Of Life's Burden Can I Bear -   3. Do You Know Him? -   4. The Day Is Past And Gone -   Brother Joe May and Sister Wynona Carr: 5. What Do You Know About Jesus -   6. I'll Serve You Till My Dying Day -   Brother Joe May: 7. I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel -   8. I'm Going To Live The Life I'm Singing About In My Song -   9. I Want A Double Portion Of God’s Love -   10. He'll Be Waiting At The End For Me -    Sister Wynona Carr and Brother Joe May: 11. I See Jesus -   12. It’s Alright -   Brother Joe May: 13. I Thank The Lord -   14. There Must Be A Heaven Somewhere -   15. Our Father -   Sallie Martin Singers with Brother Joe May: 16. Oh Yes, He Set Me Free -   17. I'll Make It Somehow - Brother Joe May: 18. Your Sins Will Find You Out -   19. Doctor Jesus -   20. Christ Is All -   21. In That Day -   22. Precious Lord, Take My Hand -   Sallie Martin Singers with Brother Joe May: 23. He's Able To Carry You Through -   Brother Joe May: 24. Mercy, Oh Lord -

CD2: Brother Joe May: 1. I'm Going Through -   Brother Joe May With The Sallie Martin Singers: 2. It’s A Long, Long Way -   Brother Joe May: 3. Thank You Lord For One More Day -   4. The Old Ship Of Zion -   Brother Joe May and the Pilgrim Travelers: 5. Lead Me! Guide Me! -   Brother Joe May: 6. Just Call His Name -   Brother Joe May & the Pilgrim Travelers: 7. Old Time Religion -   8. I'm Happy Working For The Lord -   Brother Joe May: 9. He’ll Understand And Say Well Done -   Brother Joe May and the Pilgrim Travelers: 10. It Don't Cost Very Much -   11. Jesus Knows -   Brother Joe May: 12. Going Home -   13. Consider Me -   Brother Joe May with the Pilgrim Travelers: 14. Grow Closer -   Brother Joe May: 15. Remember Me -   16. I Just Can't Keep From Cryin Sometime -   17. I Claim Jesus First -  18. Don't Forget The Name Of The Lord -   19. The Master's On Our Side -   20. My Mother Prayed For Me -   21. Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name -   22. I Heard Angels Singing -   23. Willing To Run -   24. When The Lord Gets Ready (You've Got To Move) -   25. My Conversion -

CD3: 1. Brother Joe May: Go Tell The News -   2. Amazing Grace - Parts 1 & 2 -   3. I'm On The Battlefield -   4. Goin' On A Long Journey -   5. Walk With Me Lord -   6. Walk On, Talk On -   7. Take A Poor Servant Home -   8. Wake Me And Shake Me -   9. How The Lord Can Heal -   10. It's A Mighty Building -   11. You Better Mind (What You Say) -   12. Please Lord Have Mercy -   13. My Heavenly Home -   14. I Found The Light -   15. Leaning On Him -   16. You Gonna Need Him -   17. Father! I Belong To Thee -   18. God Is The One -   19. Bring Back Those Days -   20. God Leads Us Along -   21. I'm A Child Of The King -

CD4: Brother Joe May: 1. He's Waiting For Me -   2. Old Ship Of Zion -   3. Vacation In Heaven -   Brother Joe May With The Sallie Martin Singers: 4. Jesus Is Real To Me -   Brother Joe May: 5. All Of My Burdens (Ain't That Good News) -   Brother Joe May With The Sallie Martin Singers: 6. He's The One -   Brother Joe May: 7. I Want Jesus On The Road I Travel -   Brother Joe May With The Sallie Martin Singers: 8. How I Got Over -   9. Hold To God's Unchanging Hand -   Brother Joe May: 10. By And By When I Get Home -   Brother Joe May With The Sallie Martin Singers: 11. Move On Up A Little Higher -   Brother Joe May: 12. Speak Lord Jesus -   13. He'll Understand And Say Well Done -

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