Classic Chicago Blues – Live & Unreleased feat. Bonnie Lee, Nick Holt and Earl Howell with John Primer on guitar

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After the great LIVE CDs by Magic Slim (CD 120.830) and John Primer (CD 120.833) we have a third CD which has been recorded during the Magic Slim & The Teardrops Tour in Austria in the 90‘s. 
CLASSIC Chicago Blues LIVE - unissued feat. Bonnie Lee (the sweetheart of Chicago Blues), Nick Holt (Magic Slim's brother), Earl Howell (legendary Teardrops drummer), special guest John Primer on guitar.
Bonnie sings Chicago Blues from the Westside, Nick has besides Willie Kent, Muddy Waters & Howlin Wolf the deepest blues voice in Chicago and is a great bass player. Earl Howell, of course the great drummer, is also a great singer and guitar player. Like always John Primer brings in his genius as one of the greatest traditional guitar players! A MUST FOR ALL BLUES LOVERS!

Track Listing:
Bonnie Lee: 1. I'm Good - 4:42   Nick Holt: 2. You Better Watch Yourself - 7:46   Bonnie Lee: 3. Tryin' To Make A Livin' - 3:49   Nick Holt: 4. As The Years Go Passing By - 7:28   Bonnie Lee: 5. Wee Baby Blues - 4:37   6. Rock Me Baby - 6:05   Earl Howell: 7. Come On Baby, Help Me To Spend This Gold - 5:31   Nick Holt: 8. The Town I Live In - 6:20   Bonnie Lee: 9. Baby What You Want Me To Do - 4:39   Nick Holt: 10. Strange Things Happening / One Room Country Shack - 6:30   11. If It's Too Late - 3:53   Earl Howell: 12. I Cried Like A Baby - 7:13   13. Baby, Don't Say That No More - 6:28

Bonnie Lee (vocals) , Nick Holt (vocals, bass) , Earl Howell (vocals, drums), John Primer (guitar)

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