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The Shakers

Nothing Learned / Golden Years

7″ single

Track Listing: A. 1. Nothing Learned – 3:47 B. 2. Golden Years – 3:55 Personnel: On A.: Joris De Wildeman…

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The Gears

Rockin’ at Ground Zero

Classic L.A. punk album is bakc, with much more!  Included here is the complete 1980 ‘Rockin’ At Ground Zero’ LP…

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She Rolls / It’s Allright Part Two

Deleted as physical product. 0nly available as download. Welcome to Belgian Metal History! This little-known West-Flanders outfit seems to have…

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Jerry Deewood

Down The Border / Love Me Tender

Track Listing: A. 1. Down The Border – 1:58 B. 1. Love Me Tender – 3:00 Personnel: Jerry Deewood (vocals)…

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Black Stamp


Track Listing: A. 1. Flesh – 4:20   2. Loneliness Gate – 4:10   3. Ready Steady (Here Comes The…

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Richard Pinhas



Track Listing: A. Variations 1 to 7 sur le thème de Bene Gesserit: I. – 2:20 / II. – 2:10…

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Bram Tchaikovsky

Sarah Smiles / Turn On The Light / Bloodline


Track Listing: A. 1. Sarah Smiles – 3:48   2. Turn On The Light featuring Maik Hailwood (motorbike solo) – 3:08 B. 1….

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Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias


Founded in 1973 by Chris “C.P.” Lee and Bruce Mitchell (drums), with Les Prior (vocals), Jimmy Hibbert (vocals, bass), Bob…

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Big Bill Krakkebaas

Ene Mee Hesp …

Stoose Blues

Deleted as physical product. 0nly available as download. The Original Single : Big Bill Krakkebaas en de Sock ‘n’ Soul (Ram…

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A Lifetime / Binded By The Light / Rock & Roll Temptation

7″ vinyl

Track Listing: A. 1. A Lifetime – 3:42 B. 1. Blinded By The Light – 2:42   2. Rock &…

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Ian Whitcomb

Boogie Woogie Jungle Snake


Track Listing: A. 1. Rough Trade –   2. (I’m Gonna) Eat You Up –   3. Don’t Trust Your…

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Rockin’ Jimmy & The Brothers Of The Night


Track Listing: A. 1. Rockin’ All Nite – 3:36   2. You Got It Made – 3:23   3. Sugar…

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Screaming Lord Sutch


All Black & Hairy / Jack The Ripper / London Rocker / Oh Well

Track Listing:A 1. All Black & Hairy   2. Jack The RipperB 1. London Rocker   2. Oh Well

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Hank C. Burnette

Spinning Rock Boogie / Your Drivers Licence Please

7″ vinyl

Tracklist: A. 1. Spinning Rock Boogie B. 1. Your Driver’s Licence Please  

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Live And Heavy


All tracks recorded Live on stage Track Listing: A. Deep Purple: 1. Smoke On The Water –   Nazareth: 2….

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Swedish Metal


Track Listing: A. Universe: 1. Looking For An Answer – 3:13   Motherlode: 2. Moving Emotions – 4:42   Spellbound:…

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