Various – Live And Heavy – LP


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All tracks recorded Live on stage

Track Listing:
A. Deep Purple: 1. Smoke On The Water -   Nazareth: 2. Razamanaz -   Motorhead: 3. White Line Fever -   Def Leppard: 4. Rocks Off -   Rainbow: 5. All Night Long -  
B. Status Quo: 1. Roll Over Lay Down -   Whitesnake: 2. Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City -   UFO: 3. Lights Out In London -   Gillan: 4. Unchain Your Brain -   Black Sabbath: 5. Paranoid -


1. Jon Fox - Mar 27 2008
Released as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) movement was taking charge, Live and Heavy captures the old guard, sans the up 'n' coming Def Leppard, pounding it from the stage before the denim and leather clad punters. The riveting recording pays tribute to the heavy hitters from the U.K. scene during the turbulent dazed 'n' confused decade. 
The ten song compilation from 1981 opens with authority as Deep Purple's legendary "Smoke on the Water" is featured. Fueled by Ritchie Blackmore's time honored riff, "Smoke on the Water" accounted for countless long hair teens taking to the electric guitar. Had Deep Purple never recorded another song together, the group should have been granted Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame status for the ass kickin' "Smoke on the Water". For some unexplained reason, D.P. remains on the outside lookin' in, while those that call the shots at the R 'n' R Hall of Fame continue to induct artists that pale in comparison to mighty Purple. 
Building on the momentum of the strong intro track, Nazareth's raging "Razamanaz" follows with the tightly-wound Scottish group laying it down with conviction, while Lemmy and the greasy Motörhead gang add the foot-to-the-floor "White Line Fever". Def Lep's "Rocks Off" showcases the young 'n' hungry Sheffield five when they were dead set on pounding out straight-up hard stuff. Who could possibly foresee the sellout coming from the high 'n' dry boys based on their first two studio recordings? It's back to the moody man in black, as Ritchie Blackmore brings side one of Live and Heavy to a close, as the introverted guitarist commands Rainbow through the scorching "All Night Long". 
Side two commences with no-nonsence, heads down, working man boogie via "Roll Over Lay Down", from the three-chord riff machine known as Status Quo. The pace slows with the cool, blues rock groove of Whitesnake's "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City". Throughout the 'snake charmer track, cocksure front man David Coverdale's vocal performance is spot on. 
UFO's rampant "Lights Out" once again picks up the pace, as the high flyers, featuring dynamic German guitarist Michael Schenker, let loose with a hard edged onslaught of metallic rock. One more branch from the ever-expanding Deep Purple family tree is represented as Ian Gillan's "Unchain Your Brain" is added to the collection. Anchoring the LP, the doom laden Birmingham beast, Black Sabbath, check in with a muddy recording of "Paranoid". 
Missing in action: Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and AC/DC