Stan Getz – Chet Baker Quartet – Live At The Haig 1953

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Legendary sessions of Stan Getz and Chet Baker together at the Haig in Los Angeles.
In 1952, with what became known as West Coast Jazz on the cusp of national and international recognition, the Hollywood area was buzzing with the music. One of the leading lights of what was a vibrant, multi-faceted jazz scene there was trumpeter Chet Baker, soon to rise to major stardom as part of the then recently formed Gerry Mulligan Quartet s tenure at a tiny club called The Haig. In June 1953, while Mulligan was away, Stan Getz, who was playing at the nearby Tiffany club, was invited by producer Dick Bock to fill for him at The Haig - John Bennett, the Haig s owner, recalled that Mulligan had suggested Getz as the ideal substitute in his absence, so the great tenor saxophonist joined Baker in the formation of the piano-less line-up for a couple of weeks. It would not be the last time they played together. Their paths were to cross throughout what would be two of the biggest careers in jazz, but their L.A. get together at The Haig was their first celebrated encounter.

Track Listing:
1. Yardbird Suite (Parker) - 4:51   2. The Way You Look Tonight (Kern-Fields) - 6:22   3. Half Nelson (Davis) - 5:36   4. Move (Denzil Best) - 4:33   5. What's New (Haggart-Burke) - 3:27   6. Strike Up the Band (G. & I.Gershwin) - 4:42   7. Come Out, Wherever You Are (Stynes-Cahn) - 5:26   8. All The Things You Are (Kern) - 5:37   9. Soft Shoe (Mulligan) - 5:05   10. Whispering (Rose-Coburn-Schonberger) - 9:42   11. Yesterdays (Kern-Harbach) - 4:21   12. Gone With the Wind (Wrubel-Magidson) - 5:27   13. Bernie's Tune - 3:38   14. Little Willie Leaps - 3:56   15. Winter Wonderland - 4:08

Recorded at the Haig Club, in Hollywood, California, on June 16th, 1953

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