Bluesix – Ready

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Six fine blues men make up Bluesix. Their blend of precise and rockin' blues comes via guitar, bass, drums harmonica and sax. This set rides hard out of the gate with the title song "Ready" and a guitar that could cut steel. Some familiar material gets an airing, with original songs making appearances too. It all blends nicely as the Bluesix players are always working in a synced-up fashion with the others and producing well arranged tunes. Recording is good and the sound is tough, with the pedal to the metal most of the time. The Netherlands is a great place for the blues and Bluesix is right in there contending for one of the top spots. Good songs and super solid blues rock!

Track Listing:
1. Ready - 3:02   2. Tore Down - 3:09   3. Not Fade Away - 3:13   4. Victim of Life's Circumstances - 2:58   5. Why Get Up? - 3:50   6. Like We Used To Do - 3:31   7. Love Her With A Feeling - 6:16   8. Boogie Thing - 2:55   9. She Got Me - 2:35   10. King of The New York Streets - 5:23   11. Move It - 4:46

Jan Stobbe (drums) , Bert Baars (saxophones, keyboards) , Willem Visser (bass, backing vocals) , Henk Schippers (guitars, mandolin) , Bonne Zigtema (lead vocals, bluesharp, acoustic guitar)