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Eric Bibb and North Country Far with Danny Thompson – The Happiest Man In The World


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'The Happiest Man In The World' is a tasty gumbo of Eric Bibb's newest bluesy-country songs recorded in the English countryside ... The stellar acoustic band, made up of musicians who have known each other for years, features legendary upricght vassist Danny Thompson (Alexis Korner, Pentangle, Donovan, John Martyn ...). His exuberant, soulful sound at the heart of these songs makes 'The Happiest Man In The World' a real treat.

Track Listing:
1. The Happiest Man In The World - 3:08   2. Toolin' Down The Road - 3:24   3. I'll Farm For You - 3:51   4. Tossin' An' Turnin' - 3:37   5. Creole Café - 4:22   6. Born To Be Your Man - 3:42   7. Prison Of Time - 5:16   8. King Size Bed - 2:37   9. On The Porch - 4:19   10. 1912 Skiing Disaster (instrumental) - 2:10   11. Tell Ol' Bill - 4:29   12. Wish I could Hold On You Now - 3:58    13. Blueberry Boy (instrumental) - 3:07   14. You Really Got Me - 3:13

Eric Bibb (vocals, 6 & 12 string guitars, 6-string banjo & guitalele) , Danny Thompson (upright bass) , Olli Haavisto (dobro, pedal steel, Weissenborn & Martin acoustic Hawaiian guitars) , Petri Hakala (mandolin, mandola, fiddle on 4, guitar on 10) , Janne Haavisto (drums, percussion) , Ulrika Pontén Bibb (backing vocals on 11) , May Murphy (Irish whistle on 13) , Michael Jerome Brown (slide & 12-string guitars on 14) , Pepe Ahlquist (harmonica on 14)


1. www.bluesmagazine.nlIain Patience - 2016.05.10
Eric Bibb may have good reason to be the Happiest Man in the World, with top quality music seemingly pouring from the guy on a regular basis. This is his second release inside twelve months, following hot on the heels of the highly acclaimed Lead Belly’s Gold which featured French harp-man Jean Jacques Milteau and was released on the same label (Stony Plain in USA).
This time round, Bibb is joined by one of the finest double-bass players on the planet with England’s Danny Thompson thumping along rhythmically throughout. Thompson has played with almost everyone of note in the modern roots/folk music world from his days with Pentangle, through Richard Thompson (no relation) and Scotland’s late John Martyn.
The result, is pretty much as might be expected. An album of simply wonderful blues-tinged acoustic music featuring Bibb’s distinctive and mellow vocals alongside his fine fretwork on both guitar and banjo. All fourteen tracks are penned by Bibb himself here, and as usual with the man he sticks to tradition at its core while always moving the music forward with thoughtful lyrics and plangent melodies that linger.

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