Jim Hunter – Fingernail Moon

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The second album on Temple Records from one of Scotland's finest singer-songwriters. On this recording, released in 1992, Jim was joined at Temple studios by a superb group of musicians and the results speak for themselves.
If there is one word to describe Jim and his music it is 'passion'. The songs are felt passionately, and are performed passionately; provoking a tear, a smile, a jig or even a dram, as the situation demands. Although first and foremost a product of Scotland, Fingernail Moon contains songs which have a universality, crossing all barriers of age, nationality or style.

Track Listing:
1. When the Geese Fly Over - 4:59   2. Irish Girl/Hunters Jig - 3:49   3. Man in a Crisis - 5:13   4. Joanna - 4:58   5. Cold Winter's Night - 3:01   6. Long Walk in the Rain - 3:30   7. The Hungry I - 4:25   8. Words I Might Have Said - 4:37   9. Midnight Train - 3:45   10. Limbo Ships - 3:37   11. Angels - 2:10

Jim Hunter (vocals, guitars, mouth harp) , Steve O'Neill (vocals, acoustic guitar) , Roy Martin (bass) , Andy Munro (drums) , John McCusker (fiddle, piano, whistle) , Graham Willoughby (percussion) , Carol MacKail / Carol Wallace / Fiona MacLeod (vocals) , Fraser Reid (bass tuba) , Robin Morton (bodhran, claves)


1. AllMusic - Richard Meyer
Scotland's Jim Hunter struggles with his conscience in many of the songs on this release. His singing is strong and he has assembled a very cohesive band for support. His style can be compared favorably to Luka Bloom.