Burning Water


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Track Listing:
1. Burning Water   2. Dream Out, Dream In   3. Slave To My Passion   4. Sister Big Bonee   5. I Herja   6. I Wish You Were Mine   7. Hot Blood    8. Yes Man   9. Think Just Like A Man   10. Red Blues

Michael Landau (guitar, vocals) , David Frazee (vocals, guitar) , Teddy Landau (bass guitar) , Carlos Vega (drums, percussion)


1. Landau's playing eclipses most Rock players. - By Sydney Dude on November 29, 2013 (Amazon)
Michael Landau's playing is monumental, insanely brilliant. His weakness is songwriting, not so much the quality, but the lack of Commercial intent. He is getting his ideas across with no view to the Pop Charts, so in that sense he is the ultimate sideman. Personally I think he is an equal but more encompassing player both Technically and musically than Steve Lukather. He does not however have Steve's triple threat, Great playing with vicious speed & melodicism, often Outstanding songwriting and a powerful, sonorous and emotional Voice. That is why Steve is a Star and Michael is a cult favourite.