Mack Stevens At Rollin’ Rock – The Las Vegas Stomp!

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Track Listing:
1. It's Nothin' Like Me - 3:23   2. Don't Start a War Daddy - 2:42   3. Hepcat Heaven - 2:44   4. Woodpecker Rock - 2:23   5. Diet Pill Boogie - 2:06   6. If You Love My Woman - 2:41   7. Runnin' After Fools - 3:25   8. Las Vegas Stomp - 2:28   9. It's Armaggedon Time - 2:16   10. Fire Walkin' - 3:01   11. Rockabilly Romance - 2:06   12. Only the Good Die Young - 2:47   13. The Scream - 2:41   14. Momma Stop Me Before I Kill Again - 2:39   15. Daddy's Goin' Mad - 2:14   16. Lonely - 2:27

Mack Stevens (lead vocals, guitar) , Big Al Ek (guitar, harmonica) , Roger Cassanova (slapping bass) , Jim Lovgren (drums) , Mary Ek (slappin bass on 2,3,11, vocals on 2,11)


1. AllMusic - Cub Koda
Mack Stevens' brand of Texas rockabilly finally meets up with Rockin' Ronny Weiser, the production head of Rollin' Rock Records, the retro rockabilly label from the 1970s that formed one of the seminal influences on his sound and style. Stevens has always held power aplenty, but has often been jakelegged by the lo-fi production on his records for other labels. Here Weiser surrounds him with a band that cooks and a sound that's big, fat and echoed up just right. Highlights include nice duets with slap bassist Mary Ek on "Don't Start a War Daddy" and "Rockabilly Romance," well executed covers of Nat Couty's "Woodpecker Rock," Ralph Nielsen's "The Scream" and Hal Harris' "Lonely," and Stevens originals like "Hepcat Heaven," "Only the Good Die Young," "Diet Pill Boogie," "It's Armageddon Time" and the title track. This makes for Stevens' strongest outing yet.

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