Various – Country Fiddle – Fine Early String Band Music 1924-1937 – 4CD

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Kick up a lot of dust with these boot stomping fiddle groups from the early 20th century. Loaded with 4 CDs, this collection delivers roughly 25 songs each from 4 long-forgotten but decidedly talented outfits: Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers, Leake County Revelers, East Texas Serenaders and the Aiken County String Band.


Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers: 1. I've Got A Woman On Sourwood Mountain   2. Leather Breeches   3. The Little Grave In Georgia   4. Red Hot Breakdown   5. I Get My Whisky From Rockingham   6. Earl Johnson's Arkansas Traveller   7. Poor Little Joe   8. Old Grey Mare Kicking Out Of The Wilderness   9. All Night Long   10. Mississippi Jubilee   11. Johnnie Get Your Gun   12. Laughin' Rufus   13. Twinkle Little Star   14. In The Shadow Of The Pine   15. Wire Grass Drag Earl Johnson & His Dixie Entertainers   Earl Johnson & His Dixie  Entertainers: 16. Three Nights Experience   17. Dixie   18. Ain't Nobody's Business   19. John Henry Blues   20. I Don't Love Nobody   21. I'm Satisfied   22. Johnson's Old Grey Mule   23. Shortenin' Bread   24. Hen Cackle   25: Mississippi Sawyer

Leake County Revelers: 1. Saturday Night Breakdown   2. Georgia Camp Meeting   3. Johnson Gal   4. Leather Breeches   5. The Old Hat   6. Monkey In The Dog Cart   7. Wednesday Night Waltz   8. I’m Gwine Back To Dixie   9. Uncle Ned   10. Lonesome Blues   11. Good Fellow   12. Dry Town Blues   13. Mississippi Breakdown   14. Sweet Rose Of Heaven   15. Leake County Blues   16. Been To The East - Been To The West   17. Molly Put The Kettle On   18. Thirty First Street Blues   19. Julia Waltz   20. In The Good Old Summertime   21. Rockin' Yodel   22. Birds In The Brook   23. They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me   24. Crow Black Chicken   25. Lazy Kate

East Texas Serenaders: 1. Acorn Stomp   2. Combination Rag   3. Sweetest Flower   4. Babe   5. Three In One Two-Step   6. Dream Shadows   7. Beaumont Rag   8. Beaumont Rag   9. Shannon Waltz   10. Del Rio Waltz   11. Say A Little Prayer For Me   12. East Texas Drag   13. Gulf Breeze Waltz   14. Aldeline Waltz   15. Ozark Rag   16. Before I Grew Up To Love You   17. Shannon Waltz   18. Mineola Rag   19. Serenader's Waltz   20. Deacon Jones   21. Meadow Brook Waltz   Dixie Ramblers: 22. Ridin In An Old Model 'T'   Freeny Harmonisers: 23. Podunk Toddle   Walker's Corbin Ramblers: 24. Stone Mountain Toddle   Grinnell Giggers: 25. Duck Shoes Rag   26. Plow Boy Hop

Aiken County String Band: 1. Charleston Rag   2. Savannah Ribver Stride   3. Harrisburg Itch   4. Hard Times Breakdown   Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers: 5. Going Down The River   6. Just Gimme The Leavings   7. Up In Glory   8. Save My Mother's Picture From The Sale   9. In The Garden Where The Irish Potatoes Grow   Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters: 10. Goin’ Up Town   11. My Wife Died Saturday Night   12. Billy In The Low Ground   13. Eighth Of January   14. Throw The Old Cow Over The Fence   15. Take Your Foot Out Of The Mud & Put It In The Sand   Chenoweth's Cornfield Symphony Orchestra: 16. The Last Shot Got Him   Cherokee Ramblers: 17. Goin' Down The Road Feelin’ Bad   18. Magnolia Waltz   Floyd Ming & His Pep-Steppers: 19. Indian War Whoop   20. Tupelo Blues   21. White Mule   Moatsville String Ticklers: 22. West Virginia Hills   23. Moatsville Blues   Dykes Magic City Trio: 24. Frankie   25. Poor Ellen Smith


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