Mighty Sparrow & Lord Kitchener – 16 Carnival Hits

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Track Listing:
1. Jean and Dinah - 3:47   2. Pay as You Earn - 3:51   3. May May - 4:26   4. Royal Jail - 3:55   5. The Road - 3:26   6. Mama Dis Is Mas - 2:52   7. My Pussin' - 3:42   8. Obeah Wedding - 4:33   9. Sixty Seven - 3:17   10. Miss Tourist - 4:04   11. Sa Sa Yea - 3:23   12. Margie - 3:52   13. Mas in Madison Square Gardens - 3:55   14. Drunk and Disorderly - 4:08   15. Rain-O-Rama - 6:09   16. Tribute to Spree Simon - 4:04


1. AllMusic - Chris Nickson
Two of Trinidad's greatest calypsonians -- both of whom excelled into the age of soca -- on one disc? It's like heaven. After all, these two dominated Trinidad's Carnival Road March from 1956-1972, and a number of those winning songs are here, from Sparrow's "May May" to Kitchener's "Miss Tourist." But simply, there's not a single dud among the 16 cuts here -- as the album title implies. From the truly hilarious, like "Drunk and Disorderly," to the commemoration of "Tribute to Spree Simon," who invented the steel drum, this is a mix of the topical, glorious, lampooning, and risqué ("My Pussin," for example) performed with plenty of style and elan. For those who think of calypso as just voice and guitar, these tracks will offer a very pleasant surprise, with full-band accompaniment (albeit scratchy and aged-sounding). Together, Lord Kitchener and Mighty Sparrow represent two generations of calypso, although in many ways you'd be hard-pressed to tell the difference; the basic calypso sound is unchanged and the lyrical dexterity and subject matter are the same. These are simply two sublime writers and performers at the top of their game, whether it's the sly social commentary of Sparrow's "Jean and Dinah" or "Mas in Madison Square Gardens," Lord Kitchener's celebration of calypso on the road in New York, which offers some very carefully worded put-downs of not-too-bright Americans. If you want some truly classic calypso, this is one of the very best places to start.

2. - Top Customer Reviews - 5.0 out of 5 stars
Grand Emperors of Calypso - Lawrence Waldron - July 23, 2003
There is no other score to give this collection but all 5 stars. If you ever wondered what happened to Eddy Grant after Electric Avenue, he owns the company that has been putting out these CD collections of Kitchener and Sparrow. Some of the songs here are not reflected on any of those other CD's. So scoop this one.
Monster hits like Jean and Dinah featured in the film Mystic Masseur and the elegant Margie are here. But the all time champion Calypso on here must be Sa Sa Yea. While Sparrow is known internationally for his smooth voice and provocative lyrics, Lord Kitchener was always more respected in Trinidad for his cleverly camouflaged double entendres and rich musical compositions...compositions that always took the orchestral needs of the steel pan players into consideration. Pan ochestras love Kitch!
It is only in Sa Sa Yea that Sparrow has an equally rich, orchestral response to Kitch while maintaining his crisp, sweet voice...This song will stick in your head even if you don't understand the Creole protestations of its female protagonist. Other monster hits on here include Drunk and Disorderly and My Pussin. This CD is a gem!