Louisiana Red – Sittin’ Here Wonderin’

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This CD's brooding, dark sounds harken back to the mid-1950s when Red as a teenager was hanging out in the clubs of Detroit trying to emulate his influences John Lee Hooker, Eddie Burns, Lightin' Hopkins, and Muddy Waters. Red became one of the most prolific recording artists of the past four decades, recording for Chess, Fire, and Fury Records between 1953 and 1962, and during the 60s and 70s for Roulette, Atco, and Blue Labor. He has recorded and resided in Europe since 1982.

Louisiana Red, long known for his raw, emotive vocals, extremely personal lyrics, and intense, country blues influenced guitar styles, recorded this album during a one-year residence in Phoenix, Arizona in 1981-82. The producer gave him free rein, and the result is this solo, heartfelt expression of Red's passionate approach to "playing the blues hard," as he puts it. These recordings are issued for the first time on this Earwig CD.

Track Listing:
1. E Street Bridge - 4:55   2. Stella Blues - 3:43   3. Sadie Lee - 3:43   4. I'm Lonesome - 4:27   5. Back Door Friend - 4:57   6. Sittin' Here Wonderin' - 3:38   7. Bumble Bee - 4:40   8. Parole Blues - 3:12   9. Pittsburgh Blues - 5:03   10. Nothin' But Trouble - 5:52  11. Prison Blues #1 - 4:23

Louisiana Red (vocals,guitar)


1. AllMusic - Scott Yanow
A veteran bluesman who came out of Detroit in the early 1950s and recorded in many settings, Louisiana Red returned to his roots on this 1982 set. Originally recorded for the J.O.B. label but not released until Earwig put it out in 1995, this project features Louisiana Red unaccompanied on guitar and vocals. Rather than being an acoustic folk-oriented date, the music is often quite raw, passionate and electric. Louisiana Red proves to be a masterful guitarist and his singing fits the music quite well. All but two of the 11 songs are his originals, and some are introduced verbally, often dealing with aspects of the bluesman's life. Recommended.

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