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Deze dame die hier ten lande, door haar talrijke optredens, een stevige 'big mama''- reputatie heeft opgebouwd is hier met haar vierde cd voor Earwig. Een cd vol variatie, met stevig opgebouwde en goed in het gehoor liggende nummers. Als speciale gasten kunnen we de saxofonist Eddie Shaw en drummer Twist Turner vermelden.

This is Liz's Fourth album on Earwig. She has surrounded herself with some of the finest Chicago musicians, many of whom have been or are currently in her touring band. They play their hearts out here under her able leadership, and Liz and I thank them very much for their efforts. We are especially pleased that Chicago bluesman and sax great Eddie Shaw blew his horn on two tunes. Eddie is a great band leader who has provided inspiration, musical leadership and tutelage to many younger musicians all over the blues scene.
This album is comprised of 15 songs, all of which were written by Liz Mandeville. Guests outside of Eddie Shaw include Allen Batts, Rodney Brown, and Twist Turner.

Track Listing:
1. Red Top - 3:23   2. Corner Bar Blues - 4:28   3. Dog No More - 5:30   4. Spanky Butt - 3:02   5. My Baby's Her Baby Too - 5:24   6. Rub My Belly - 3:24   7. So Smart Baby - 6:05   8. Scratch the Kitty - 3:16   9. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa - 3:27   10. Bad Man Blues - 2:49   11. Hold Me - 4:37   12. Home Cookin' - 2:34   13. Illinois National Guard Blues - 5:19   14. Guilty of Rockin' All Night - 3:18   15. Little Queen - 2:20

Liz Mandeville (vocals, guitar) , Eddie Shaw (tenor sax on 11,14) , Luke Pytel (guitar on 1,3,4,7,8,9,13,14) , Mark Wydra (guitar on 6,10,11,15) , Michael Dotson (guitar on 5) , Andre Howard (bass on 1,3,4,7,8,9,13,14) , Dave Kaye (bass on 2,5,6,10,11,15) , Allen Batts (piano, Hammond organ) , Rodney Brown (tenor saxophone) , Peter Bartels (trumpet) , Johnny Showtime (trombone) , (Janet Cramer drums, percussion) , Twist Turner (drums on 2,6,10,11,15) , Ricky Nelson (drums on 5) , Jim Godsey (percussion on 3) , Precious Jewel (soprano backing vocals); Teela Owens (alto backing vocals)


1. - Ruud Monde -26.02.2009 
Het vierde album alweer, van een echte 'Red hot Mama' uit Chicago 'Liz Mandeville', uitgegeven door Earwig Music Company. Liz is geboren in Oshkosh gelegen in de staat Wisconsin, maar vertrok in 1979 naar Chicago. Zij komt uit een artistieke familie: haar vader was kunstenaar net als zijn vader het was. Naast muzikante, is Liz dan ook nog een begenadigd schilder die haar werk regelmatig exposeert. Haar nieuwe album is gemaakt met muzikanten uit haar tourband, aangevuld met een aantal studiomuzikanten en enkele verrassende gasten. Zo speelt Allen Batts, de voormalige toetsenist van Albert Collins, op zes nummers mee. De bekende saxofonist ?Eddie Shaw? speelt op twee nummers mee en vinden wij 'TwistTurner' op vijf nummer achter zijn drumkit. De cd is op meerdere plaatsen en tijdstippen opgenomen. Misschien is dit de reden, dat de cd in zijn geheel enthousiast en energiek blijft klinken. Vijftien zelf geschreven nummers, waarvan de opener ?Red Top? meteen staat als een huis. De meeste nummers zijn gestoeld op de big band muziek uit de jaren veertig. Lekkere blazers arrangementen en heerlijk gitaarwerk. Al met al lekker veel swing met hier en daar een vette knipoog. Luister maar eens naar nummers als 'Spanky But, Scratch The Kitty' en 'Rub My Belly'. Miss liz schijnt hier live al te bewonderen te zijn geweest. De recensies die ik kan vinden over deze optredens, waren echter niet geweldig. Misschien tijd voor een herkansing.

2. AllMusic - Greg Prato
If you think of modern day blues-rockers, a "swing" approach is usually not in the mix -- just your standard 12-bar blues. But Liz Mandeville's 2008 release, Red Top, shows that the singer/guitarist is dedicated to merging both old-time styles together. Playing on a rather un-bluesy six-string (an Ibanez -- which is usually reserved for heavy metal speed demons), Mandevillle also throws a full horn section into the mix, resulting in some of the more full-sounding blues-rock of recent times. Examples include the album-opening title track (which is also arguably the album's best track), "My Baby's Her Baby Too" (which features some pretty darn impressive Albert King-esque lead work), and the simply blaring "Guilty of Rockin' All Night." Liz Mandeville may be one of the few female blues-rockers of the early 21st century, but Red Top easily measures up to the rest of the pack.

3. - Eric Steiner
On her fourth Earwig Records release, Red Top, Liz Mandeville has dropped her married name (Greeson), but has picked up a renewed, supercharged sense of sass and self.  Not that one of the most assertive blueswomen who’s ever picked up a pen or a guitar might need an additional dose of confidence, far from it.  I first experienced Liz Mandeville live on the Best Buy Stage at the 2005 Chicago Blues Festival and was immediately hooked!  Whether she plays her blue acoustic guitar or plugged-in Strat, Liz’s live shows are a force of nature worthy of comparisons to blueswomen like Katrina or Rita of the hurricane variety.
Liz’ show on the Front Porch Stage at 2008’s Chicago Blues Festival was a bright spot of that event’s 25th Silver Anniversary, and she showcased many cuts from Red Top, including “Illinois National Guard Blues,” a song which anyone with loved ones in the military can relate to.  My Red Top favorites include the sax-drenched “Guilty of Rockin’ All Night,”  “Red Top” the opening title cut, and “Corner Bar Blues,” a paean to friends who might indulge a bit too much.  I’m generally not a prude, but I could have done without “Spanky Butt;” still I’m sure that it’s a real late-night crowd pleaser at Liz’s live shows.
Liz has some world-class friends helping her out on Red Top.  Eddie Shaw of the Wolf Gang sits in on sax as does Rodney Brown, Twist Turner takes a turn on the drum kit, and long-time Albert Collins’ sideman Allen Batts sits in on keyboards.  
This talented singer/songwriter has spent many a Blue Monday as an artist-in-residence at Kingston Mines with Earwig label-mate John Primer, and together, they’ve put on some of the best blues parties of the year at this venerable Chicago blues venue. 
I’m going to host a blues house party at my home in Edmonds, Washington (18 miles north of Seattle) next month for members of the Washington Blues Society.  Red Top will be one of the CDs on my playlist, along with another exceptional CD from Liz, Ready to Cheat.  I can’t give higher praise to any blues artist than to introduce my friends to Liz’s music, which will be a privilege and a pleasure.


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