Pinky Winters – Let’s Be Buddies

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Pinky Winters is a favorite of listeners who cherish superior songs sung with fealty to the intentions of the composers and lyricists who created them. Much of her best work was done with pianist Lou Levy after the two weathered an uncomfortable first encounter and eventually became professional and personal partners.
They recorded 'Let’s Be Buddies' when their musical understanding was at full flower. With Monty Budwig, one of the greatest bassists of his generation, Levy and Ms. Winters performed 14 songs by the cream of contemporary songwriters including Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Johnny Mandel, Hoagy Carmichael and the Gershwin brothers. Among the singers who cherished Levy as an accompanist were Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Peggy Lee. In this collection, he and Pinky Winters rival all of them in intimacy, musicality and depth of interpretation.

Track Listing:
1. Along with Me (Rome) - 3:17   2. Everything I Love (Porter) - 3:52   3. Someone to Light Up My Life (Lees-De Moraes-Jobim) - 4:04   4. The Trolley Song (Blane-Martin) - 3:50   5. You Are There (Frishberg-Mandel) - 2:05   6. One Morning in May (Parish-Carmichael) - 3:19   7. Nobody Else but Me (Hammerstein II-Kern) - 2:03   8. Let’s Be Buddies (Porter) - 2:23   9. Never Will I Marry (Loesser) - 3:00   10. Embraceable You (Gershwin-Gershwin) - 4:22   11. Rhythm Medley:  -I’ve Got Rhythm (Gershwin-Gershwin)   -He Ain’t Got Rhythm (Berlin) - 4:19   12. I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck (Gershwin-Gershwin) - 3:38   13. My Shining Hour (Mercer-Arlen) - 2:46

Originally issued in 1985 as Jacqueline Records JR0116

Pinky Winters (vocals) , Lou Levy (piano) , Monty Budwig (bass)

Sage & Sound Studio, Hollywood, May, 1985
Recording & mixing engineer: Jim Mooney
Digital re-mastering: Pieter de Wagter
New Liner notes by Doug Ramsey
Produced by Denny Santos
Produced for CD release by Dick Bank & Jordi Pujol


"A wonderful album by the vocalist PINKY WINTERS came out in the mid-1980s. It was her first recording in almost three decades, and was a welcome blessing for those select few who had been waiting during the interim for something new from this special singer. Well, it came and went. Between then and now, she has released seven albums, but only two had domestic releases. Thanks to Jordi Pujol at Fresh Sound Records, that magical album from 30 years ago, Let’s Be Buddies (Fresh Sound – 5501) is once again available for discerning listeners to enjoy.

Supporting Winters on this recording are the sublime accompaniment of pianist Lou Levy and bassist Monty Budwig. Her gently burnished voice lies easily on the ears of a listener. Winters has an innate sense of swing in her singing, regardless of the tempo. She presents the lyrics to the songs that she selects with respect and understanding, and oh, does she ever know how to select songs. Just go down the song list for Let’s Be Buddies, and you will find one gem after another. A few like “Embraceable You” and “I Got Rhythm,” are visited often, but the balance of the program consists of prime cuts that are not totally rare, but certainly are not overdone. If someone selected a set of albums that could serve as the aural equivalents to textbooks on how to sing popular music, Let’s Be Buddies should be among them. When Winters closes with “My Shining Hour,” the thought arose that this should have been the title of the album, but then again, any album by Pinky Winters is a shininghour.

One word can describe Let’s Be Buddies, and that word is perfect!"

-Joe Lang (July, 2015)
Jersey Jazz Magazine