Terry Allen – The Silent Majority (Terry Allen’s Greatest Missed Hits)

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Sugar Hill's Terry Allen reissue program continues with this weird and wonderful collection. Subtitled Terry Allen's Greatest Missed Hits, it gathers together, with a perhaps unexpected degree of unity, what the liner notes term out-takes, in-takes, mistakes, work tapes, added top's, taken froms, omission's and foreign materials! Recorded during the decade between 1983 and 1992, in locations ranging from Texas to India, The Silent Majority's colorful patchwork of music, every bit as much as any of his other releases, embodies Terry's all-embracing philosophy as an artist in dedicating his muse to multidisciplinary creative pursuits. 

Track Listing:
1. Advice To Children - 1:31   2. Yo Ho Ho - 5:47   3. Home On The Range - 3:15   4. I Love Germany - 2:30   5. The Burden - 3:48   6. Big Ol' White Boys - 5:58   7. Arizonia Spiritual - 4:21   8. Oh Tired Feet - 2:07   9. Rollback - 4:41   10. Cocktail Desperado - 3:06   11. 3 Finger Blues - 6:22   12. Oh Mom - 1:58   13. High Horse Momma - 2:56   14. New Delhi Freight Train - 6:39   15. Loneliness / Rockin' By Momma Lonesome Rose / Lonely Road - 7:28   16. Hearts Road - 5:25

Terry Allen (piano, keyboards, maracas, vocals) , Lloyd Maines (pedal steel , guitars, autoharp, dobro , banjo, tambourine, harmony vocal) , Richard Bowden (mandolin, fiddle, percussion, cello, harmony vocals) , Carey Banks (electric guitar) , Tommy Anderson (fiddle, trumpet, tuba) , Bob Livingston (guitar, bass, harmony vocals) , Donny Maines (drums, percussion, harmony vocal) , Kenny Maines (bass, harmony vocal) , R. Parthasarathy (veena) , R. Visweswaran (santoor) , K.V. Prasad (mridangam) , K.K. Balan (ghatam, bass dolak) , K.B. Thulasidasen (bass dolak, tabla, tambourine) , S. Venkitraman (tambora) , Don Caldwell (saxophone) , Curtis McBride (drums) , Mark Anthony (trombone) ,
Tommy Anderson (trumpet) , Russ Standefer (tuba) , Davis "Teen Beat" McLarty (drums, harmony vocal) , Bonnie Wilkerson / Donna Jo Barnes / Denise Brissey (harmony vocals) , Jo Harvey Allen (narrator on 15)

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