Eddie Robinson – This Is My Story

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For the past sixty years, Eddie Robinson has performed gospel music in Chicago and around the world. He accompanied, toured, and recorded on Columbia Records with Mahalia Jackson. “This is my story” marks his first recording as a leader, and he plays with the same vitality that he did during the golden era of gospel music. He is joined by three soulful and passionate vocalists, Milas Armour III, Uletta Jackson, and Phinus Alexander Jr., as well as premier organists Aaron Cockerham and Cliff Dubose, and experienced drummer Ron Robertson. Eddie pays tribute to Mahalia Jackson, which is fitting since we celebrate the 100th anniversary of her birth this year. Listening to “This is my story” will move you to a new spiritual high!

Track Listing:
1. This Little Light of Mine - 2:30   2. Until Then - 3:26   3. Down By the Riverside - 2:36   4. I've Got a Feeling - 3:38   5. Jesus Loves Me - 2:45   6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness - 3:16   7. Blessed Assurance - 3:06   8. His Eye Is On the Sparrow - 5:21   9. Just a Closer Walk to Thee - 2:08   10. If I Can Help Somebody - 5:43   11. When the Saints Go Marching In - 2:39   12. I Won’t Complain - 4:45   13. Elijah Rock - 3:26   14. How I Got Over - 2:48   15. Eddie’s Dedication - 2:58 

Eddie Robinson (piano 1-14, vocal 15) , Milas J. Armour, III (vocals 1,2,7,8,13) , Uletta Jackson (vocals (3,4,9,10) , Phinus Joel Alexander (vocals 5,6,11,12) , Cliff Dubose (organ 3-6,9-12) , Aaron Cockerham (organ 1,2,7,8,13-15) , Ron Robertson (drums)


1. - 2012.02.01
Eddie Robinson es un intérprete de góspel que lleva más de sesenta años  tocando el piano y en ocasiones, también cantando. Lo ha hecho, no solamente en Chicago, donde reside habitualmente, sino también en casi todos los rincones del planeta. Eddie ha acompañado, realizado giras y grabado para el popular sello Columbia con la gran dama del góspel Mahalia Jackson, de lo que no puede presumir cualquiera. The Sirens Records, bajo la batuta de su propietario Steven B. Dolins, le ha dado finalmente la oportunidad de grabar el primer álbum bajo su propio nombre. Eddie no ha dejado escapar la ocasión de realizar un disco brillante y plasmar con gran elegancia, vitalidad y profesionalidad quince temas de enorme impacto emocional, de aquellos que quedan grabadas en el corazón y el espíritu y que dejarán una profunda huella todos cuantos lo escuchen. Junto al piano de Eddie Robinson y su voz en la canción “Eddie’s Dedication”, completan el reparto las apasionadas voces de Milas Armour III, Ulatta Jackson y Phinus Alexander Jr., además del excelente organista Cliff Dubose y el batería Ron Robertson. Si os gusta el góspel quedareis gratamente sorprendido con este vibrante y emocionante cd, un sólido tributo a la ‘golden era of gospel music’. MUY BUENO.

Eddie Robinson is  a gospel performer who, for more than sixty years, has been playing piano and occasionally singing. And he has done it, not only in Chicago, where he lives, but also in almost every corner around the world. Eddie has backed, toured and recorded for popular Columbia Label with the great gospel lady Mahalia Jackson, which not so many people can say it. The Sirens Records and his owner Steven B. Dolins, have finally given Eddie the opportunity to record the first album under his own name. Robinson has taken this good opportunity and has made a bright album with fifteen tracks of enormous emotional impact, professional elegance and vitality, that will remain deep in all listeners’ hearts and minds. Besides Eddie Robinson’s piano playing and vocals in the song "Eddie's Dedication", you will also find the passionate voices of Mylae Armour III, Ulatta Jackson and Phinus Alexander, Jr., as well as the excellent Cliff Dubose organ playing and Ron Robertson on drums. If you like gospel music, you will be pleasantly surprised with this vibrant exciting cd, which gives a strong tribute to the 'Golden Time of Gospel Music'. GREAT.

2. Downbeat - Frank-John Hadley - February 2012
It’s a joyous occasion: Pianist Eddie Robinson gets his feature album in a distinguished gospel career dating to the early 1950’s. An able musician in his elder years, the Chicagoan is steadfast in his belief in the redemptive power of faith. So are, no question, vocalists Milas Armour III, Uletta Jackson and Phinus Alexander Jr., each an individualist in tone and delivery. Organ and drums add to the spiritual glow.
Eddie Robinson, along with Mildred Falls, Gwendolyn Lightner, Kenneth Morris, Herbert “PeeWee” Pickard, and sisters Evelyn and Geraldine Gay, is one of the under-sung giants of African American gospel music’s so-called Golden Age. Keyboardists all, they primarily played in the background, behind vocalists who received the bulk of fan adulation. Robinson, who was born in Birmingham in 1933 and relocated to Chicago 16 years later, made his earliest recordings with Robert Anderson, the Caravans, and the Soul Stirrers. It was during his 1958-71 tenure with gospel queen Mahalia Jackson – first as her organist and, after Falls’ departure, her pianist—that his keyboard artistry reached the ears of audiences around the world.

3. Living Blues - Lee Hildebrand - December 2011
Today, at age 78, Robinson plays piano in Chicago at Leak and Sons Funeral Home, for the St. Andrew Temple Choir, and on the long-running gospel television show Singsation!. On the first-ever recording to appear under his name, his chiming, triplet-filled piano solos are alternately riveting and elegant and his bouncing accompaniments are in the tradition pioneered by Morris. …

4. Blues & Rhythm - Norman Darwen - October 2011

The Sirens continues its exploration and documentation of gospel piano playing with a set from Eddie Robinson, born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1933 and Mahalia Jackson’s former accompanist on stage and record – and this album coincides with the 100th anniversary of Mahalia’s birth. This is Eddie’s first set as a gospel music leader, despite his more than sixty years of experience.
A lively release it is too, with mid- and up- temp, mainly traditional, numbers predominating, and Eddie’s often bluesy piano (try “Until Then” or “I’ve Got a Feeling”) well backed by organ from either Cliff Dubose or Aaron Cockerham, who both learned from their parents, and regular gospel drummer Ron Robertson. Vocalists Milas J. Armour III, baritone (five tracks), a slightly more formal Uletta Jackson (four tracks) and Phinus Joel Alexander Jr. (four) are all confident and controlled – even an old chestnut like “Down By The Riverside” is given renewed interest. “Blessed Assurance” swings along mightily (as do several others), Milas’s singing on “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” is the real vocal tour-de-force of the CD, and even “The Saints…” rocks along, building up a mighty head of steam. “Elijah Rock” has a Latin-tinged arrangement, and at times reminded me of Ray Charles (though I guess it really should be the other way round – a very impressive vocal from Milas again). “How I Got Over” is given a fine, jaunty instrumental treatment, and the closer is a recitation by Eddie himself (over organ backing) recalling his time with Mahalia.
Once again The Sirens has come up with a fine release documenting an often overlooked aspect of gospel music. Certainly one to investigate if you are at all interested in the history of gospel music.


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