Ole Ask – Turning Point

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Turning Point is the new chapter in Ole Ask's exploration of American Roots Music, telling the stories of his daily life. Friends and lovers, cups of coffee, taxis, neon signs, sunsets, words written on a wall fill the songs on this second release from Ask. His distinctive voice and strong songwriting recalls Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen and Van Morrison without a shred of inflection from his native Norway. Ask sings like a modern traveling blues roadmaster and lays down the grooves with friends Bruce McCabe of Johnny Lang's band, Willie Murphy, Billy Franze, Jimmy Beringer and a host of the Twin Cities best players.


Track Listing:
1. Someone Like You - 3:01   2. Easy or Not - 3:22   3. The Need - 3:03   4. If I Was Your Dog - 1:40   5. Speak of Love - 2:37   6. Yeah Yeah - 3:16   7. It’s You - 3:22   8. Under the Street Lights - 3:38   9. Night Life By the Neon Lights - 2:52   10. By Sunset - 2:43   11. I Pretend As I Smile - 2:25   12. House of Peace - 2:22   13. Love You Written On a Wall - 4:59  

Ole Ask (vocals, acoustic guitar, dobro) , Bruce McCabe (piano) , Jimi Behringer (guitar) , Billy Franze (bass, backing vocals) , Jeff Rogers (drums) , Willie Murphy (piano, guitar, organ) , Tom Burns (harp) , Ed Emerson (cello) , Jim Price (violin) , Renée Austin (backing vocals)




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