Blue – Something Borrowed Something

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This is Blue's eighth solo album - a straight-up blues-rock endeavor with some punkish stylings, and reaches into the realm of Sun Records. "Something Borrowed Something" comes with an ample supply of energy served up with a few nice rough edges. Mostly originals, and mostly guitar, bass and drums (some organ and horns), these numbers put Blue somewhere between Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Door's last release "LA Woman". In addition to his work as a musician, Blue also works as a producer and engineer. He brings many skills to the table that seem to be applied in abundant quantities here.

Track Listing:
1. Nut & Butter - 2. 8CES - 3. Hound Dog -   4. Old Soul -   5. Make, Model & Mileage -   6. Fistful of Bartabs -   7. My Drinkin' -   8. Hoodoo Love -   9. Mi Mujer (Es Muy Malada) -   10. Partial To Grey -   11. Maria's Song