Vinnie Sperrazza – Jacob Sacks – Masa Kamaguchi – Play Lee Morgan

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Drummer Vinnie Sperrazza gained his first professional experiences in the Utica, NY area, before moving to New Jersey to study at William Paterson University. While at William Paterson, he met and began working with the great pianist James Williams, starting a musical relationship that lasted until Mr. Williams passing in July 2004.  Moving to Brooklyn in 2002, he began involving himself in the boroughs thriving creative music scene, and is currently leading two projects. The Vinnie Sperrazza-Matt Blostein Band features original music and draws on a diverse array of musical styles and experiences. This release is the first album by the Vinnie Sperrazza trio, "Peak Inn", featuring pianist Jacob Sacks and bassist Dave Ambrosio in a program of free improvisation, original compositions, and standards.  All tracks composed by Lee Morgan.

Track Listing:
1. The Procrastinator -9:08   2. The Lion and the Wolff - 4:34   3. Heavy Dipper - 6:12   4. Carolyn - 6:13   5. Stop Start - 3:59   6. Most Like Lee - 3:55   7. Pisces - 6:42   8. Desert Moonlight - 8:02   9. Search for the New Land - 6:38   10. Morgan the Pirate - 6:59

Vinnie Sperrazza (drums) , Jacob Sacks (piano) , Masa Kamaguchi (bass)

Recorded at Acoustic Recording Studio, Brooklyn, New York, on December 7, 2015