Cockersdale – Been around for years

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For many years Cockersdale have been one of the leading unacompanied groups in the UK. Originally formed by Keith Marsden to perform his songs, the group's reputation soon grew making them a major force in folk music. Following Keith's death in 1991 Cockersdale reformed and re-established themselves as one of the most popular groups on the UK folk scene.  
The hearty harmonies of Cockersdale are the accompaniment to war, hard labor, precarious journeys, and the struggle to survive. Even when the subject matter is potentially grim, the settings can be hopeful; "Left, Left, Right, Steady" is about a "rear gunner... in the Spring of forty-four," but the melody is anything but sad. Temporary pain relief can be found in "Three Cheers For Booze," before the mood turns melancholy - "Hills of Mullaghbawn," an Irish traditional, is a thinly veiled protest against occupation, and "Raglan Road" is about love not meant to be. "Cholera Camp" and "Follow Me Home" are based on the poems of Rudyard Kipling, set to original music.

Track Listing:
1. Follow Me Home - 3:53   2. Hills Of Mullaghbawn - 3:04   3. Jamie Foyers - 3:44   4. Lost At 21 - 3:22   5. Three Cheers For Booze - 4:21   6. Will Ye Go To Flanders - 2:23   7. Cholera Camp - 5:59   8. Raglan Road - 3:03   9. St. Aubin Sur Mer - 3:16   10. Left, Left, Right, Steady - 5:06   11. Race Against Time - 3:39   12. Roll On The Day - 3:02   13. Thames Lighterman - 3:03   14. Jarrow Song - 3:15

Graham Pirt (vocals) , John O'Hagan (vocals) , Val Marsden (vocals)