Gilbert Isbin – Blue, Sounds and Touches

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After playing lute and baroque music for quite a while, his love for composing and performing contemporary guitar music prevailed.

His style blends jazz, a variety of ethnic idioms, and forms from the modern classical tradition. The improvisational technique and harmonic language of contemporary jazz, raga forms, polyrhythms, irregular meters, avant rock and Brazilian music are just a few of the flavors that seep into his work.
Gilbert Isbin has recorded thus far 14 albums, which have been highly acclaimed by the international musicpress and which are worldwide distributed. He is featured on several compilation CDs.
He played concerts all over Europe and in Los Angeles (USA) and has collaborated and/or recorded with American and European players, such as Cameron Brown, Joe Fonda, Jeff Gauthier, Ernst Reijseger, Jan Kuijken, Michel Godard, Jaap Blonk, Fred Vanhove, John Ruocco, Steve Houben, Rudy de Sutter, Sandor Szabo, Philippe Deschepper, Geert Verbeke, André Goudbeek, Pierre Vaiana, Iep Fourrier, Chris Joris,...

Gilbert has written music for documentaries and shortfilms and composed music for solo, duet, trio and quartet guitar settings of which his 'Summer Moon Dance' has been added to the repertoire of the internationally acclaimed Quartetto Chitarristico Italiano. Several of his compositions for guitar solo, flute/guitar,.. have been published by Copamusic Productions and Tern Editions.

He is featured in the E-book '25 Great Fingerstyle Players' of Acoustic Guitar Workshop.

He performs solo, with the Gilbert Isbin Group, the Isbin/Gauthier duo, the Isbin/Gauthier/Colpaert Trio, the Isbin/Fourier duo, the Isbin/Fonda duo, with poet Frank Decerf...

Track Listing:
1. Quite Blue - 2. Sueno - 3. Tell Me - 4. In Balance - 5. Leon - 6. Mosca Espagnola - 7. Mar Abierto - 8. Full Moon And Little Bastian - 9. Nenia - 10. Blue 2 - 11. Camino Verde - 12. Come Into My Door - 13. A Nice Advance - 14. Blue In Blue - 15. Ballad In A Cave - 16. HWYL -

Gilbert Isbin (6 & 10 string guitars) , Alex Vande Meulebroecke (flute) , Luiz Marques (saxophones) , Martin Vansteenkiste (guitar) , Peter Van Gheluwe (percussion)

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