Dick Gaughan – A Different Kind Of Love Song


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After the surprising success of 'Handful of Earth', I was faced with a problem in terms of making a new recording. I had no intention of making 'HoE' Mark 2. I new I couldn't and that, at that stage in my musical development, 'HoE' was the best I could hope to achieve in adding something worthwhile to the reinterpretation of traditional Scots song in an acoustic setting. If I tried to do it again, I would be in danger of becoming formulaic and mechanistic and I have always held a deep suspicion towards "style" for its own sake.
Also, as I said in what I wrote about 'Handful of Earth', "It was quite clearly time to stop reporting and start participating." This album was my putting that into action.

Track Listing:
1. A Different Kind Of Love Song - 3:48   2. Revolution - 4:12   3. Prisoner 562 - 3:00   4. Song Of Choice- 3:09   5. The Father's Song - 3:41   6. Think Again - 2:43   7. As I Walked On The Road - 5:12   8. Stand Up For Judas - 4:54   9. By The People - 3:31   10. Games People Play - 4:49  

Dick Gaughan (vocal, guitars) , Judy Sweeney (vocal) , Bob Lenox (keyboards) , Dave Pegg (bass) , Allan Tall (saxophone) , Willie Lindfors (drums, percussionà , Dave Tulloch (drums on 2)

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