Wayne Lavallee – Trail Of Tears

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Himself from the Métis nation -a distinct culture of his mixed Cree aboriginal and European ancestry- Wayne Lavallee is beholden to the spirit of his Métis ancestors, a spirit that embraces freedom, and a fierce self-determination that is not dictated by government and boundaries.

Lavallee roams from Indian chants to blues to rock to reggae with a sense of artistic freedom that transcends classification, leaving you with the distinct sensation that you’ve just crossed paths with an unusual singer-songwriter, and a major one at that.

Yet what makes Lavallee so atypical is his outstanding ability to express his communion with the essence of nature in a progressive manner. Based on his haunting melodic approach, the 2006 winner of the “Best Aboriginal Songwriter” award of the Canadian Folk Music Society creates a contemporary take on Native mysticism without reneging his own political agenda.

Clearly, Lavallee’s music is that of a survivor. That he is able to turn it into a tool for global fraternity is proof that the old fighting spirit of his ancestors is still very much alive. His sheer poetic force is a lesson in artistry we are much to be thankful for.
Track Listing:
1. Trail of tears – 4:44   2. The tonto project – 4:14   3. Big country – 3:33   4. Shed allot of light – 5:35   5. River road - 3:53   6. Buffalo soldier – 4:04   7. Whi I wuz – 3:33   8. Geronimo – 3:48   9. Heart land – 4:46   10. Star spangled sensation – 4:32   11. Sacred journey – 4:38

Wayne Lavallée (lead vocals, acoustic guitars, hand drums, mandolin on 9,11) , John Ellis (guitars, mandolin, banjo, piano, synth, organ, tambo-chain) , Pura Fe' (guest vocals, Weissenborn) , Robert Becker (bass guitar) , Geoff Hicks (drums, percussion) , Christina Zaenker (cello) , Derry Byrne (trumpet) , Jesse Zubot (fiddle) , Chris Derksen (cello) , Kevin Kane (guitars , bass on 9,11) , Matt Brain (drums on 9,11) , Shawn Soucy (percussion on 9,11), Steve Dawson (weissenborn on 9,11) , Ron Wood (steel guitar on 9,11) , Shaktie Hayes (backing vocals) , Renae Morriseau (backing vocals)

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