Chris Simpson – Listen To The Man


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This album is a solo album by 'Chris Simpson of 'Magna Carta'.
Ostensibly a solo album. The title track is based on a true story about a couple of young writers who sent a blank demo tape to EMI, to eventually receive a letter saying how much the A&R man had enjoyed the music, but felt that it was not what the kids were buying!

Track Listing:
1. Fooled By A Promise -   2. Got my Eyes on You -   3. Listen to the Man -   4. Nothing so Bad (It can't get better) -   5.Slow Train to Nowhere -   6. One Man's Heaven -   7. Blues for a long road Home -   8. Rhythm of my Life -   9. Only a Hobo -   10. Magnolia -

Chris Simpson (vocals, guitars, percussion) , Willie Jackson (keyboards) , Linda Taylor (percussion, backing vocals) , Martin Jenkins (mando cello, fiddle) , Doug Morter (guitar) , Lee Abbott (bass) , 'Rigid Ron' (drums) ,