Various – Can’t Keep From Crying – Topical Blues On The Death Of President Kennedy

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Track Listing:
Big Joe Williams: 1. A Man Amongst Men - 4:32   James & Fannie Brewer 2. I Want to Know Why - 3:00   John Lee Granderson: 3. A Man for the Nation - 3:02   Otis Spann: 4. Sad Day in Texas - 3:53   Mary Ross: 5. President Kennedy Gave His Life - 3:05   Bill Jackson: 6. The Twenty-Second Day of November - 2:09   James Brewer: 7. Why Did He Have to Go? - 3:31   Johnny Young: 8. I Tried Not to Cry - 4:29   Avery Brady: 9. Poor Kennedy - 2:37   Fannie Brewer: 10. When We Got the Message - 2:46   Jimmy Brown: 11. He Was Loved by All the People - 2:42   Johnny Young: 12. Tribute to J.F.K. - 4:46   Avery Brady: 13. Poor Kennedy #2 - 3:56


1. AllMusic - Richie Unterberger
In the wake of John Kennedy's assassination, Pete Welding recorded over a dozen acoustic blues tributes to the late president for this compilation in late 1963 and early 1964. Big Joe Williams, Otis Spann, and Johnny Young are the only widely recognized names on the disc, which also features performers like Mary Ross, Fannie Brewer, and Jimmy Brown. It's hard to be critical about a project devoted to such an emotional and devastating event, but this doesn't hold up too well as more than a slice of history. However heartfelt these pieces may have been, the compositions are not outstanding, and it's wearying to hear more than a dozen topical blues on any subject all in a row. The CD reissue adds previously unreleased tracks by Johnny Young and Avery Brady.

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