George Hamilton V – Honky Tonk De Luxe

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Country-rock energy melted with real songs written by one of the most talented songwriters from Guitar Town - Voice with emotion mixed with guitar attitude - NASHVILLE, the bright lights big city, full of loosers and dreamers, the genuine country spirit, just before the top 50 invasion - Country with nerve as the late WAYLON JENNINGS liked to sing and play ­ Best of the artis's production in one shot - Old tradition with new flame. European journalists use to say that George Hamilton V (the son of the country singer George Hamilton IV), as Steve Earle, Rodney Crowell and Willie Nelson, belongs to the real outlaws family. Keeping the tradition alive, close to the strong musical roots, far away from the soap opera of the present Nashville, where George was born and still lives (he never forgot the tradition of this music who made the city famous). 
Performing more than often at the Grand Ole Opry or in the neibourghhood Rock'n Roll clubs with his band (The Nashvegas Nomads), he travels from folk to blues, playing the classic country-rock with a perfect real Americana touch. 
GEORGE HAMILTON V, "the orphan son of GRAM PARSONS and a supreme storyteller with his finger on two worlds", as a talented american journalist describes him. Old timer music for new urban outlaws !

Track Listing:
1. New shoes – 3:04   2. You and yesterday – 3:04   3. Take my advice – 2:39   4. Mighta made her mine – 3:59   5. Roll with the punches – 3:49   6. Midnight at a redlight – 3:48   7. Can't tell ya why – 3:29   8. Edinburgh – 3:02   9. Forget about me – 3:29   10. Pass me by – 4:00   11. The one and only Mr.... – 3:50   12. Gone, gone, gone – 2:30   13. House of tears – 2:51   14. Black coffee – 3:54