Titi Winterstein – The Best Of

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Titi Winterstein is clearly the one when it comes to Gypsy Jazz Group The music includes Jazz, folk Gypsy, Hungarian, Jewish and other East European elements is the tradition of Diango Reinhardt and people like Stephane Grappelli. The only reason why the are not yet so popular in the US is that he only went once on a tour due the fact he is terrible afraid of flying. He is travelling all over Europe and is constantly selling. He also received the German Record Award which is the German version of the Grammy and it is now called Echo.

Track Listing:
1. Hunn, O Pani Naschella - 5:09   2. Indifference - 3:15   3. Limehouse Blues - 2:44   4. Djinee Tu Kowa Ziro - 4:47   5. I've Found a New Baby - 3:37   6. Valse a Jesaja - 3:28   7. Tschorn Kellel Pro Bollipen - 3:43   8. Hej Delare - 1:00   9. Some of These Days - 4:58   10. Ungertikko Baschepen - 3:52   11. Amoureux - 2:36   12. Ich Liebe Die Sonne, Den Mond und Die Sterne - 4:28   13. Ain't Misbehavin' - 2:36   14. Tziganotschka - 3:16   15. Valse des Voyageurs - 1:59   16. Maro Djipen - 2:32

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