Charly & His Orchestra – 1941-1942 – German Propaganda Swing

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Track Listing:
1. You're Driving Me Crazy - 2. You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming - 3. St. Louis Blues - 4. Slumming On Park Avenue - 5. Dinah - 6. Daisy - 7. F. D. R. Jones - 8. Who'll Buy My Bublitchky - 9. I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket - 10. The Kings Horses - 11. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams - 12. Three Little Fishes - 13. Why'd Ya Make Me Fall In Love - 14. Miss Annabelle Lee - 15. South Of The Border - 16.. Hold Tight - 17. The Man With The Big Cigar - 18. I'm Sending You The Siegfried Line - 19. Bye Bye Blackbird - 20. Japanese Sandman - 21. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? - 22. Unter’n Linden -

Lutz Templin (leader) , Detlev Lais (saxophone) , Jean Robert (saxophone) , Josse Breyre (trombone) , Nino Impallomeni (trumpet) , Primo Angeli (piano) , Fritz Brocksieper (drums)


1. AllMusic - Jesse Walker
Like an Ed Wood movie or an infomercial for an investment scam, Charlie and His Orchestra's records are notable less for any talent they might have occasionally displayed than for a transcendent sort of ineptness. German Propaganda Swing, 1941-1942 collects 22 songs recorded in Nazi Germany and broadcast over Axis radio and in P.O.W. camps. Each track combines relentlessly mediocre musicianship with the most God-awful propaganda lyrics of the century, all set to the best-known swing tunes of the day. Thus, "Who'll Buy My Bublitchky" becomes a jape on the British-Soviet alliance, "I Love the Bolsheviki"; "Bye Bye Blackbird" becomes Winston Churchill's lament "Bye Bye Empire." Clumsy, stilted, and anti-Semitic, these songs aren't merely offensive: if you approach them in the right frame of mind, they're hilarious. "It's a Hebrew holiday everywhere," begins one. "All the Jewish families have a brand new heir/He's their joy, heaven sent/And they proudly present/Mr. Franklin D. Roosevelt Jones." You may now opt to laugh, or to weep.