Tampa Red – Keep On Jumping – 1944-1952

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Track Listing:
1. The Woman I Love -   2. Lula Mae -   3. Keep Jumping -   4. You May Be Down Someday -   5. Grievin' and Worryin' Blues -   6. It's Good Like That -   7. I'll Dig You Sooner or Later -   8. Boogie Woogie Woman -   9. True Love -   10. Midnight Boogie -   11. I Miss My Lovin' Blues -   12. Since My Baby's Been Gone -   13. I Won't Let Her Do It -   14. She's Dynamite -   15. Pretty Baby Blues -   16. Early in the Morning -   17. All Mixed up over You -   18. So Crazy About You Baby -   19. Rambler's Blues-2 -


1. AllMusic - Bruce Eder
The material on this 19-song compilation isn't quite ideal, covering what were the declining years not only of Red's recordings, but of the RCA-Victor's blues releases. On the other hand, the producers have drawn from among Red's best sides of this era, including "Midnight Boogie" and Midnight Blues" from 1950, both great and amazingly late works. This could be the ideal way to hear most of the stuff here, since Red otherwise cut a lot of second-rate work. The sound is also quite good, although there are no notes of any kind, just a sessionography. And considering that RCA-BMG hasn't even finished issuing Red's 1930s material after three years of reissues, this disc may be the best way for any of us to get this stuff before the end of the century. 

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