Barbara Russell – Swing With Me – Golden Blues

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Barbara Russell was a singer with a vibrant, arresting vocal quality, a fine sense of phrasing and feel for a lyric, and an utterly captivating style. She was also a tall, willowy blonde, a commanding presence and a “star” in every respect. It made for a performer capable of holding an audience from the first note and maintaining the interest and excitement throughout the entire performance.
Her jazz-influenced style runs the gamut from warm, intimate ballads to the swinging up tempo tunes, as she demonstrated in these two albums recorded for United Artists between 1960 and 1962. She treated each song with respect, and the Don Costa arrangements on “Swing with Me,” and those of Nick Peritofor “Golden Blues” became the velvet cushion for the jeweled tones of Barbara Russell.
As a bonus, the last four tracks included here were recorded live at Jazzland, a theater-restaurant, opened in May 1964 in the Louisiana Pavilion at the World's Fair. Jazzland was open daily from noon to 2 A.M., with Barbara Russell among the attractions, as well as the Al Beldini trio, who accompanied her.

Track Listing:
1. By Myself (Dietz-Schwartz) - 1:53   2. Too Late Now (Lerner-Lane) - 3:22   3. I Remember You (Mercer-Schertzinger) - 2:53   4. Oh, You Crazy Moon (Burke-Van Heusen) - 3:12   5. The End of a Love Affair (Redding) - 3:07   6. This Could Be the Start of Something (Allen) - 3:02   7. He’s My Guy (Rave-DePaul) - 3:07   8. Something Happens to Me (Segal-Fisher) - 2:46   9. 'Round Midnight (Hanighen-Williams-Monk) - 3:41   10. Why Don’t You Do Right (McCoy) - 2:12   11. Misty (Burke-Garner) - 3:41   12. The Last Dance (Cahn-Van Heusen) - 2:37   13. Bye Bye Blues (Hamm-Bennett-Loun-Gray) - 2:38   14. Love Me Tender (Presley-Matson) - 2:36   15. Learnin’ the Blues (Silvers) - 2:50   16. Am I Blue (Clark-Akft) - 2:27   17. Cry Me a River (Hamilton) - 2:11   18. Never on Sunday (Skylar-Hadjidakis-Towne) - 2:43   19. Georgia (Gorrell-Carmichael) - 3:04   20. I Cried for You (Freed-Ramheim-Lyman) - 2:09   21. Love Me or Leave Me (Kahn) 2:24   22. You Don’t Know What Love Is (Ray-DePaul) - 2:31   23. Mean to Me (Ahlert-Turk) - 2:24   24. Who’s Sorry Now (Kalmar-Ruby-Snyder) - 2:28   25. Sunday in New York (Nero-Coates) 2:41   26. Getting To Know You (Rodgers-Hammerstein II) - 1:54   27. Once Upon A Time (Carter-Kay) - 3:55   28. What Can the Matter Be (Unknown) - 2:00

Tracks #1-12, from the 12" album "Swing with Me" (United Artists UAS 6088)
Tracks #13-24, from the 12" album "Golden Blues" (United Artists UAS 6184)
Tracks #25-28, from the 12" album "The Sounds from Jazzland" (Wager Records DG2-1531)

Barbara Russell, sings in all tracks

"Swing With Me"
Music arranged & conducted by Don Costa
Recorded at Capitol Studios; New York City, Spring 1960

"Golden Blues"
Music arranged by Nick Perito
Conducted by Bucky Pizzarelli
Recorded at Capitol Studios, New York City, February, 1962

"The Sounds from Jazzland"
Barbara Russell with Al Beldini Trio
Ray Starling, piano; Jim Stevenson, bass; Al Beldini, drums. On #28 unknown trumpet and sax added
Recorded live at the New York World’s Fair, May 1964

Original recordings produced by Don Costa (#1-24)
and Paul Kirk (#25-28)

Compiled for CD release by Jordi Pujol