Karim Albert Kook – Je Roule Vers Toi

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Karim “the generous one“ was born in Hussein Deï, in Algeria on january 14, 1965, just after the war ended. For his ninth birthday, Karim was given a radio and with that came the revelation : the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles hit him head-on. Then his older brother gave him a flea-market bought guitar and that was the start of Karim’s great adventure. He knows instinctively what blues is about. This album is bluesy but also funky. It features prestigious guests such as Bernard Allison, Peter Nathanson, Amar Sundy, Paul Orta... His native country’s bright sky brings light into the gray of everyday life and Karim conveys vibrations of courage and hope with a rare energy.

Track Listing:
1. Tout Va Bien - 5:56   2. Je Roule Vers Toi - 4:38   3. Les Gens Changent - 4:25   4. Boogie Woogie Et Gris Gris - 5:11    5. Le Blues Du Guerisseur - 4:41   6. Loin Du Mississippi - 4:03   7. C'est Jamais Assez - 5:40   8. Ne Regarde Pas Derriere - 3:39   9. Fais-Moi Confiance 4:15   10. Franky Mon Ami - 3:31   11. La Chanson Du Delta - 4:59   12. The Voodoo Hut - 3:56

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