Various – Midnite Blues Party – Classic Blues / Soul / Rockers and R&B from the 1950’s & 1960’s


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There were many factors in Blues Music becoming the pre-eminent musical art form of the twentieth century. Perhaps the Blues greatest achievement is it’s ability to survive by transforming itself constantly. What other genre has the courage to stare popular culture straight in it’s unblinking eye, fearlessly bump up against it, then go through it’s pockets taking only what it needs, before shuffling off back home to the wrong side of the tracks.
The time frame of the recordings collected here, roughly mid 1950’s to early 1970’s was a challenge even for the fluid adaptability of the Blues. During this era generous helpings of R&B, early Rock ‘n’ Roll, the birth of Soul, Hard Country, Jump, and Rockabilly were stirred in to keep the pot boiling on high. It was a time when those yellow Sun records out of Memphis would go Top Ten on the Pop, R&B, and Country charts simultaneously. Think you’ll ever see that happen in today’s world of niche marketing? Think again.
So gathered here for your perpetual enjoyment an array of hidden musical treasure by the lost and forgotten masters who loved it so well.   -   Andrew Galloway

Track Listing:
1. I'm a Loser - Blue Bull - 2:03   2. I've Been Thinkin', Pt. 1 - Nite Riders - 2:36   3. You're Too Bad - Birmingham Junior - 2:29   4. Don't Leave Me - Bobby Long - 1:57   5. Slowly But Surely (Time Goes By) - Randy Jo Hobbs - 2:34   6. But You - Little Grier - 2:37   7. I'm Leaving You - Bob Reed - 2:35   8. Call the Doctor - Junior Gordon - 2:17   9. That's All - Al Garris - 2:22   10. I Had a Nightmare - Don Hollinger - 3:01   11. Lonely Stranger - Sonny Harper - 3:20   12. Spend My Money - Little Daddy Walton - 2:32   13. The Buzzard and the Owl - Jimmy Sweeney - 2:12   14. You Make Me Feel So Good - Clarence Nelson - 2:46   15. Messin' With the Kid - Baby Huey & the Baby Sitters - 2:45   16. Darling Let Me Know - Jay Lewis - 2:43   17. Who Slipped Out (When I Walked In) - Luther Thomas - 2:34   18. People Are Talking, Pt. 1 - Rollie McGill - 3:11   19. You're Driving Me Crazy - Dorothy Berry - 2:11   20. Throw This Poor Dog a Bone - Percy Welsh - 2:29   21. Have Mercy Baby - Buddy Lamp - 2:14   22. You're What's Happening - Thomas East - 2:46   23. Don't Mess With My Money - Jesse Gee - 2:37   24. Whoop It on Me - Good Time Charile - 3:12   25. Where's My Money? - Willie Jones - 2:15   26. Let's Start a Romance - Little Joe Hinton - 2:24   27. Two Doors Down - Roy Lee Johnson - 2:52


1. AllMusic - Andrew Hamilton
As the title says, this is a blues party, a midnight-to-dawn shebang with plenty of liquor, sandwiches, chicken, beer, and cigarette smoke clouding the room. Blue Bull's opening "I'm a Loser" sets the stage for a wild CD ride that will light up backyard barbecues given by the geritol set and blues lovers of all ages. The best performances are too numerous to list. These tracks will make even the musically dead rock their shoulders like robots. You may need to take a break after listening to about five of these ruthless juke joints in a row, as there is no letup from track one to track 27; even the slow-rollers are sobering and could double as wake-up calls. Few big names but plenty of big sounds. As essential as water for jump blues lovers.

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