Little Mack Simmons – Little Mack Is Back

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Born Twist, Arkansas, on the 25th day of the first month of 1933... two weeks later in the same hospital... pneumonia takes his father... born into the blues.... skipping school and work in the fields to sit in the cool under the bridge and play harp with childhood friend James Cotton... Mack's mother comes along and they both catch a whupping... early 50's in St. Louis... meets Robert Nighthawk and ends up with his first club date... time to move north.
The windy city calls his name... his wife Georgia Mae has a first cousin up there somewhere, name of Little Walter Jacobs... forms his own group and lands on his feet with a gig at Cadillac Baby's Lounge... stays five long years....anybody in the house gets five dollars if they can stump Mack on a song... not many collect.... 1959... "Come back to me baby".... the first of a dozen small hits local, but goes no further...see any money?... not a dime... Chicago riots 1968... blood in the streets... Mack rushes out his record " A tribute to Dr. King" (Stop looting and rioting) and gets his message to the people... but, years without recognition or respect begin to take a toll... Drugs take the man away from his music... seven white detectives coming through the door... 30 months as a guest of the state... he's out, and God's gift is still with him, but times have changed... those kids in the clubs want to hear the blues, but only the blues... Mack buys the Zodiac Lounge and if you don't like your blues mixed with rhythm, funk, country and western, soul, gospel and rock with a steady roll... he'll be happy to point out the door... sometimes you can be treated worse than a stranger in your own hometown... 1996... time to head further north.... Toronto... three days in a studio with some of the city's finest players.
Enjoy the music of Little Mack Simmons... a man about love... whose time has come.   -   Andrew Galloway

Track Listing:
1. Leaving in the Morning - 3:49   2. Bad Intentions - 4:08   3. Mother-In-Law Blues - 4:18   4. Let Me Explain My Love - 3:29   5. My Babe - 2:45   6. Revelation Blues - 4:33   7. You're So Special - 4:29   8. I Got What It Takes - 3:26   9. Five Long Years - 3:18   10. You're So Fine - 3:12   11. You Mistreated Me - 4:18   12. St. James Infirmary - 3:15   13. Lie to Me - 3:37   14. I Wish You Would - 2:15   15. Chicken Heads - 3:31   16. White Cloud of Confusion - 3;40   17. The Sky Is Crying - 3:28   18. Dust My Broom - 4:03    

Little Mack Simmons (vocal,harmonica) , Teddy Leonard (guitar) , Omar Tunnock (bass, backing vocals) , Ed White (drums, backing vocals) , Tyler Yarema (pianon organ) , Morgan Davis (guitar, slide guitar)

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