Miss Angel – That’s The Way I Tumble

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There is something sexy and powerful when a woman sings the Blues. It doesn’t have to be lost romance or broken hearted Blues. She can sing about jelly roll, traveling light or ramblin’. It can be uppity, forthright and in your face. A Blues woman can stand up and speak her mind, turn the tables around and thankfully, in 2005 do it in a smooth and dignifying manner. Enter Miss Angel. Singing the Blues professionally since 1992, Mississippi born Miss Angel has been heard on Mel Brown's W.C. Handy award winning Neck bones & Caviar among others. At last she gives us an incredible solo album – That’s The Way I Tumble.
Evoking the sounds and sprits of her idols Odetta, Dinah Washington and Koko Taylor, Miss Angel remains true to her self and brings originality to each track. Her deep soulful voice and tough yet feminine demeanor are the epitome of the Blues woman.
Recorded by Alec Fraser at Liquid Studio in Toronto, produced by Mel Brown with Electro- Fi Records president Andrew Galloway acting as executive producer, this disc features a stellar line up of backing musicians including Angel’s partner in crime, Mel Brown on guitar, piano and B-3 and The Homewreckers (Jim Boudreau on Drums, John Lee on piano and organ, Al Richardson and Leo Valvassori sharing bass duties). Each track is filled to the brim with soul, innuendo, and down home Blues. From the sharp double-entendre in ‘Ramblin’ and ‘Country Man’ to the sentimental ‘If You Could See’ and ‘Since I Fell For You’ and the title track, her original ‘That’s The Way I Tumble’, Miss Angel will grab your attention and hold it. She will paint you a vivid picture of the Blues, or remind you that you were there once too.
When I asked Miss Angel about her inspiration for the CD, there was a slight pause. She took a deep breath and in her smooth southern drawl said “I am just playing the Blues.” Pardon me? I thought. Surely there was some deeper, more profound answer than that. But then again, is there anything more deep or profound than “just playing the Blues”? 
Sarah French

Track Listing:
1. Ramblin' - 3:48   2. Country Man - 3:29   3. Shake a Hand - 5:17   4. That's the Way I Tumble - 3:37   5. If You Could See - 4:32   6. When the Moon Goes Down - 3:22   7. Since I Fell for You - 4:32   8. 747 Blues - 5:38   9. Just Your Fool - 3:11   10. My Baby Bought a Ticket - 4:01   11. Hipshake - 6:11

Miss Angel (vocals) , Leo Valvassori (bass guitar) , Mel Brown (guitar, piano, organ) , Jimmy Boudreau (drums)

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