Last American Virgin

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Well, I’ve been singing for about fifteen years, my first real performance was at the Houston Astrodome singing the national anthem at an Astros baseball game. After that, I was playing clubs all over Houston. I went on to do studio work as well as Jingles for commercials,etc.

I formed my own band at nineteen, and we called ourselves,"Shea and Shineola", I still don’t know what might have meant...during that time I taught myself guitar, as well as drums and piano. I started writing songs when I was thirteen, so now it was easier and more fun to play them for people. I continued singing at clubs and festivals and went back and forth from Country and Rock/R&B,

I was even managed by Country Superstar Sammy Kershaw when I was twenty-two. I almost went that direction, but remembered my roots were more Rock and

Blues oriented. I’ve sang all over,including Jamaica,Germany,Mexico and Japan and have done shows with Delbert McClinton,Kris Kristofferson and Percy Sledge as well as others I can’t remember off hand.

Somewhere around that time I ran into Kirk McKim, he auditioned for one of my bands as lead guitar player. We clicked as friends and soon decided we made a good team as writers and on stage. I have always wrote on my own, but Kirk seemed to add a good rock edge to the compositions. He later called a friend of his,Steven Will and asked him to play bass with us and I started writing like a madwoman. I would write the basic chords and lyrics, and then bring them to Kirk and then rehearsal for the finishing touches.

Soon, we started playing them on stage and the reaction was incredible. I think Steven came up with the "LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN" name for the band. I don’t claim to be a virgin, or anyone else in the band for that matter, but if there had to be one in our group, it would be ME. Why, I guess because I’m naive at times, and I’m the girl, IT HAS TO BE ME.   -   Shea. 

Track Listing:
1. Automatic Weapon Blues – 3:54   2. Love Never Did Nothin’ 4 Me – 5:29   3. I Want Somebody to Love – 3:28   4. Hate / Love – 5:16   5. The Voodoo That You Do – 2:58   6. You Know Me – 4:36   7. Playing for the Sun – 4:02   8. Give It to Me – 3:53   9. Here and Always There – 3:56   10. Little Boy Blue – 3:33   11. Sister Siedgehammer – 3:47