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J.B. Hutto & the Hawks: 1. Pet Cream Man - 2:44   John Lee Granderson: 2. A Man for the Nation - 3:05   Chicago String Band: 3. Railroad Blues - 3:00   Otis Spann: 4. Nobody Knows My Toubles - 3:23   Fred McDowell & The Hunter's Chapel Singers: 5. Jesus on the Mainline - 2:11   Eddie Taylor: 6. Peach Tree Blues - 2:38   Eddie Lee "Mustright" Jones: 7. I'm Talking 'Bout You - 1:25   Doctor Ross: 8. Cat Squirrel - 4:08   Robert Nighthawk: 9. I'm Gettin' Tired - 3:51   Jimmy Walker & Erwin Helfer: 10. Goin' Back to Texas - 3:02   Ruby McCoy: 11. Black Mary - 3:07   Johnny Shines: 12. So Cold in Vietnam - 3:15   Bill Jackson: 13. Titanic Blues - 3:36   Johnny Turner: 14. Don't Start Me to Talkin' - 4:00   Johnny Young: 15. All My Money Gone - 3:00   Blind Connie Williams: 16. One Thin Dime - 2:17   Mississippi Fred McDowell: 17. Goin' Down South - 3:08   Big John Wrencher: 18. I'm Going to Detroit - 2:57   Big Joe Williams: 19. Annie Mae - 3:56   Napoleon Strickland: 20. My Babe - 4:38   Johnny Shines: 21. Hoodoo Snake Doctor Blues - 3:07   John Littlejohn: 22. Dust My Broom - 3:44   Billy Boy Arnold: 23. Pleading and Crying - 2:31


1. AllMusic - Steven McDonald
This covers the story of Pete Welding's Testament blues label (now being brought to compact disc via Hightone Records), inspired by Delmark Records and driven by a desire just to get great blues recordings onto the market. This story is told both in this 23-track CD sampler and in the liner notes by Welding, who explains that he didn't care, when he started the label, whether or not it was commercially successful -- his job paid well enough. Testament proceeded to release a stream of amazing blues and R&B albums over the years, ranging from an anthology of Southern black fife and drum bands all the way to roaring electric blues that'll set fire to the hair in your ears. This sampler is 72 minutes of amazing selections from 23 different albums, and if you're a blues fan unfamiliar with Testament's CD releases, it may very well present a danger to your bank account. The sampler itself is priced cheaply enough to present a temptation, and you should let yourself be tempted. 

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