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The Magnolia Sisters make these old time Cajun tunes uniquely theirs by infusing this collection of songs with energy and contemporary vitality. This CD features the raw and powerful duet singing of the Magnolia Sisters, which is unique because the duet sound is seldom heard in Cajun music. They present a fresh angle on some old favorites, by including songs that have been reworked, slightly changing the lyrics to reflect a woman's perspective.

Track Listing:
1. 'Tit Monde - 3:14   2. Chère Bassette - 3:09   3. Sur la Bord de l'Eau - 2:55   4. Les Fils a Nonc Hilaire - 2:19   5. Brasse Donc, le Couche-Couche/Grand Texas - 3:54   6. Il Savait Pas J'étais Mariée - 2:44   7. Sept Ans Sur Mer - 2:11   8. Grande Nuit Special - 3:19   9. 'Tits Yeux Bleus - 2:30   10. Je Voudrais Bien Me Marier, Mais... - 0:48   11. Un' Piastre Ici, un' Piastre là-Bas - 1:51   12. Les Mémoires Dans Mon Coeur - 2:44   13. Prends Courage - 2:29   14. La Valse de Grande Pinière - 3:00   15. Tasso - 2:57   16. Derrière Chez Nous - 1:25   17. Braille Pas, Jolis 'Tits Yeux Bleus/Don't Cry My Bonnie Blue Eyes - 2:06   18. Mama Roseanne - 3:41   19. La Valse de Courville et McGee - 4:00   20. Ma Blonde Est Partie - 3:20   21. Dors, Dors/Fais Do Do - 3:18   22. La Robe Barrée - 3:15

Ann Savoy, guitarist, of the premiere Cajun band, Savoy - Doucet, is joined by fiddler Jane Vidrine with guest musicians, Deborah Helen Viator, Tina Pilone, and Lisa Mc Cauley.


1.  AllMusic by Rose of Sharon Witmer
Cajun by predilection but not by birth, Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine, who perform as the Magnolia Sisters, show their love for their adoptive culture in this recording of traditional Cajun tunes. Prends Courage translates as "Take Courage," and these songs offer words of encouragement from the culture from which they sprang. Both artists perform with their husbands' bands. In Prends Courage, they shine on their own. Ann Savoy, who married Cajun musician Marc Savoy, has done tremendous research in Acadiana, cataloging literally thousands of photographs and stories of the people who settled in the bayou country of southwest Louisiana. She speaks and sings with the authority of her extensive knowledge of the culture. Her diligence on their behalf has won her the acceptance of the people of Acadiana. the Magnolia Sisters are joined by three other musicians: Deborah Helen Viator, Tina Pilone, and Lisa McCauley. Together, they present a decidedly feminine perspective to the music of southwest Louisiana. There are waltzes, two-steps, and lullabys sung in beautiful harmonies, accompanied by guitar and fiddle, accordion and triangle. The songs are diverse in tone, from humorous to melancholy. They tell stories, such as "Sept Ans Sur Mer" and "Les Fils a Noc Hilaire." There are dance tunes, such as "La Valse de Grande Piniere" and "Grand Nuit Special." There are also well-known songs such as "'Tit Monde" and obscure ones, like "Sur La Bord de L'Eau." All are vibrant and heartfelt. They accomplish what their title suggests: they strengthen the heart.

2. East Bay Express
“Sometimes the best way to nurture the virtues of a tradition is to unravel the bonds of convention that have ossified over the years. Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine are Cajuns by marriage, absorbing the Louisiana culture as thoroughly as, say, Johnny Otis adopted a black heritage and musical life. Their fresh and ardent voices, intertwined in heart-rending harmonies and accompanied by accordion, fiddle, guitar, and triangle, add a special tinge to the traditional songs of this historically male-dominated music.”


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