The Joanna Connor Band

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The Joanna Connor Band CD is Connor's most inclusive release to date, with r&b, rock and blues influences. Ten of the fourteen songs on the CD are Joanna Connor originals and her guitar playing flies like liquid power. This CD is far more accessible than any of her previous recordings. Besides her top-notch song writing, she covers songs done by War, Grandmaster Flash and Sam Cooke.

Track Listing:
1. Fine & Sublime - 3:06   2. Long, Long Road - 3:46   3. No Black or White - 2:23   4. Luna Love - 3:22   5. Different Kind of War - 3:15   6. Slipping Into Darkness - 5:28   7. Six Child - 3:06   8. Guitar Dove - 3:39   9. Fever - 3:06   10. Minor Love - 2:55   11. Somebody Have Mercy - 5:22   12. White Lines - 4:47   13. Afrissippi - 2:26   14. Morning Praise - 3:15


1. AllMusic - Jonathan Widran
If Joanna Connor has trouble breaking from the indie world into the big leagues, she could no doubt thrive as a songwriter for Bonnie Raitt, whose inspiration informs Connor's vocal style, blues-rock guitar approach, and attitude. Raitt's producers often add a lot of slickness and polish, while Connor scores points by keeping things slightly more raw. "Fine and Sublime" is romantic blues-rock at its best, but Connor goes beyond this at times, thinking globally on more than a few occasions. "No Black and White" is a global unity message set to a blend of rock and Irish jig rhythms. "Afrisippi," a colorful tribute to the place where humanity first reared its head, has a South African rolling guitar vibe; it would be better sung than spoken, but Connor's message is what counts -- all music derives from the same basic spiritual and human source. While Connor is a solid songwriter, she's also a clever interpreter of soul standards ranging from "Fever" to "Somebody Have Mercy" by Sam Cooke.

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