Jr. Gone Wild – Too Dumb To Quit

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Track Listing:
1. I Don't Know About All That - 3:04   2. In Contempt of Me - 2:20   3. Don't Let Her Know - 2:29   4. Third Most Stupidest Guy - 3:46   5. Obituary for a Fugitive - 3:49   6. The Bachelor Suite - 4:09   7. Poet's Highway - 4:16   8. Tin Can - 5:03   9. Akit's Hill - 2:45   10. The Cliché Song - 2:16   11. Radio Sussy - 3:12   12. Sleep With a Stranger - 3:05   13. Faust - 2:18   14. I Don't Need That Anymore - 5:27

Dove (vocals, bass, acoustic guitar) , Steve Loree (electric guitars, slide, vocals) , Mike McDonald (acoustic& electric guitars, harmonica, vocals) , Ford MacGroover Von Pier (piano, organ, vocals) , Sparky The Happy Troll (drums, vocals) , Chris Smith (steel guitar) , Lance Loree (pedal steel) , Ian Martin (guitars on 11) , Bill Henderson (guitar on 9, backing vocals 13) , Bernice Pelletier (vocals)


1. AllMusic -Sean Carruthers
Jr. Gone Wild's debut, Less Art More Pop, was a scattershot affair, flirting with Byrdsy country but without the chops to make it truly convincing. The follow-up took four years, and a lot happened during that time: two of the original members were let go, the band signed with hometown label Stony Plain, the band reunited with one of the sacked members, and the new unit practiced a lot. By the time Too Dumb to Quit came together, Jr. Gone Wild was an efficient unit whose talents matched leader Mike McDonald's musical ambitions. The album still shows a country influence, but with a punk energy that placed them closer to Beat Farmers than to the Byrds for most of the album (the notable exceptions being "Poet's Highway" and the folky "Sleep With a Stranger"). The "I Don't" songs bookending the album ("I Don't Know About All That" and "I Don't Need That Anymore") are the strongest, but there are a lot of great moments in between, making this the band's most satisfying album. 

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