Ryan Reardon and The Levee Breakers – Live At Checkers Tavern

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This is the best live disc to come through these doors in awhile. Never over-powering or in-your-face, these well-penned blues tunes are firmly in the trench. I mean to say that there's real substance here that's never too polite and features musical muscle that's managed. The line-up is harmonica, guitar, bass, drums and Ryan Reardon's strong vocal powers out front. Both guitar and harp step out frequently to present solos that should satisfy all fans of those instruments. Fine recording keeps things sounding good throughout a list of mid-tempo songs that can rock and show an edge. You'll find a majority of original material here, and just a whole lot to like.

Track Listing:
1. What's The Matter -   2. Rock With Me -   3. You're Gone -   4. Hale County Road #50 -   5. Gimme Back My Coat -   6. Little By Little -   7. Love In Vain -   8. Mornin' Of My Life -   9. Walking In Golden Sunshine -  10. Steady -

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